Thank You Ms. Gail Carucci, Irish Hill Road, Ellicottville, NY 14731

July 28, 2014

Dear Gail:

On behalf of the Ellicottville Town Board and the entire community, let me thank you for all your hard work for the Ellicottville Historical Society as the Jefferson Street Cemetery Restoration Project Chairperson.  Your efforts brought many volunteers and contractors together over a four year period and the results are truly amazing.  People have no idea the hours that you have put in.  The research, GPS mapping, sonar mapping, photography, marker and monument restoration, placement on both State and Federal Historic Registers, stonewall restoration and the new iron sign.  In addition, the new memorial marker which lists people who are known to have been buried there but either never had a marker or whose markers may have been lost over the years is the crowning glory.

This past weekend’s tours, enactments and services were well attended and I enjoyed participating.  The Jefferson Street Cemetery truly enhances our gateway into the Village.  Thanks to you, our community can take pride in this cemetery for years to come.


John A. Burrell Town Supervisor