Springville_Fiddlers_Green-photo-by-springvillearts.orgby Alicia Dziak

Just a short drive up Routes 219 or 240 from Ellicottville, is Springville, a quaint town boasting shops, restaurants, historical buildings and the Springville Center for the Arts. With so much to do, why not stray off the expressway and spend a day or two this summer exploring all that Springville has to offer?

Route 39, which intersects both 219 and 240, is Main Street in Springville. Along Main Street, you will find numerous shops, including several gift shops, a hardware store, a yarn shop, consignment shop and more. There are also many restaurants offering everything from Greek to Italian to Chinese, as well as Beans to Brew, a stylish little coffeehouse.

Main Street is also home to the Joylan Theater, a family-owned movie house that plays the latest movies and even offers 3D. The best part about the theater is that it only costs $6 for adults and $4 for children (slightly higher for 3D), so a family of four can see a movie (and even afford popcorn!) for a fraction of the cost of larger theaters.

Just off Main Street, on North Buffalo Street, is the Springville Center for the Arts, which offers theatrical productions throughout the year and is at the center of the town’s art movement.

“We’re seeing more gallery spaces with the inclusion of Arts Underground, an offshoot of Springville Center for the Arts located on 66 E. Main St, and also Beans-to-Brew Café is utilizing its walls as gallery space,” said Erika Thurkins, the new executive director of the Springville Chamber of Commerce.

“With the opening of Arts Underground, we’re seeing more fine crafts and artworks produced by local artists being offered in a retail environment. Construction has started on the upcoming ‘Art’s Café,’ where there will be studio and ceramics spaces offered. They are also undergoing renovations on the Gallery at their Buffalo Street center,” said Thurkins. “VanOver Fine Arts (49 E. Main St.) is also now offering life drawing classes which is, as far as I know, the only of its kind offered within this region.”

Beyond the main drag, Springville offers an abundance of activities.

“There’s antiquing opportunities galore right off of Cascade Drive and throughout downtown,” said Thurkins. “There’s a lot of history to our town and our Historical Society puts on some really fun, immersing activities and demonstrations at the Warner Museum and Concord Merchantile.”

The historical campus, located on Franklin and Main streets consists of three buildings, each one filled with unique photos and artifacts. The Mercantile sells inexpensive candy and other fun finds, and is a great place to shop with kids. For more information and for hours, visit www.townofconcordnyhistoricalsociety.org.

Springville is also known for its farming.

“We have the best local farms you could ask for, so it’s worthwhile taking a casual drive through the Southtowns Scenic Byway to visit the stands,” continued Thurkins.

Local farm stands are everywhere, and many of them sell fresh produce using the honor system, where you just leave payment in a lockbox. The produce is a bargain, too. Where else can you scrape up the loose change in your car and leave with an armful of veggies?

In addition, Wednesdays in Springville bring in farmers and other vendors from all around Western New York, selling produce, flowers and just about everything you can imagine at the Springville Auction, located 341 West Main St. Wednesdays are also a great day for yard sales, as locals tend to hold their yard sales on auction day.

Besides all the regular happenings in Springville, various events are planned throughout the summer. Visit www.springvillechamber.com for a calendar of events.

This growing town has something for everyone and is a summer hot spot. Take the short drive to explore this neighboring town, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Springville. You won’t be disappointed!