By Sean Crotty

A Skiers Compete at First Eastern Freestyle Event at the Bristol Mountain Toyota Freestyle Fest. 

The Eastern Freestyle ECS Series season kicked off at the Toyota Freestyle Fest at Bristol Mountain. FLITE Team athletes had great results in all three events in both Singles and Duals.

Saturday’s Single event saw both FLITE Team females in the Top 10, with Elissa Cole taking the top spot and Lexi Crotty finishing in 8th.

The men were led by Wyatt Antkiewicz who finished in 2nd place, followed by Lucas Goodin in 25th and Cameron Evans, who was skiing in his first A Meet, in 31st.

Day 2 started with a Single Run, Singles event, which ended with similar to Saturday’s Competition; a FLITE Team female in the Top Spot; both landing in the Top 10. Lexi Crotty topped the field, followed by Elissa Cole in 4th. Wyatt Antkiewicz led the men, finishing in 4th place, followed by Lucas Goodin who improved over Saturday’s results to finish in 16th, and Cameron Evans who finishied in 32nd.

The Duals Brackets were built off Saturday’s results of the singles event. The path to the top spots was a testament to endurance.

Female Duals:

Lexi Crotty: Won her first Dual 25-0. Won her 2nd Dual 14-11. Lost her 3rd Dual in the Round of 8 by a close 13-12 margin. Won her 4th Dual 16-9. Won her 5th Dual 16-9 to secure 5th place.

Elissa Cole had a first round bye by virtue of her 1st place finish. Won her first dual 20-5. Won her 2nd Dual 18-7. Won her 3rd Dual 14-11. Lost her 4th Dual 23-2 to secure 2nd Place.

Male Duals:

Cameron Evans lost his first dual in a close match 14-11. Lucas Goodin won his first dual 25-0 and lost his 2nd Dual 25-0. Wyatt Antkiewicz had a first round bye by virtue of his 2nd place finish. Won his first dual 20-5, his 2nd Dual 18-7, lost his 3rd Dual 25-0 Lost his 4th Dual 17-8 and on his 5th Dual 17-8 to secure 7th place.

It was a great start to the Eastern Division Season for our FLITE Team. Next stop is Lake Placid.

B Skiers Have Great Showing in the First Mogul Competition of the Weekend at Bristol Mountain.

Day 1 saw some great skiing from the athletes after a great training day on Friday. This was their first opportunity to put their skill sets to use from Christmas Camp and saw some great results.

Annie Dietrich topped the field on Saturday, taking top honors in her age group and overall as she topped the field by over 3.5 points. Sasha MacGregor had a great day finishing in the Top 10 overall in 9th place; 3rd in her age.

Abby Hayes-Vickers and Caitlin Woodrow had a great day as well, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age group; 20th and 21st overall.

The men had three skiers in the top 10, and were led by RJ Cancilla, who finished 2nd in his age; 6th overall.

Following up were Brandon Crotty, who was 3rd in his age; 9th overall, and Matthew Cancilla who was 5th in his age; 10th overall. Colin Woodrow finished 14th in his tough age group; 31st overall.

Overall, the athletes had a great day for the first competition of the season. This was the first opportunity many of them had to ski moguls in this young season.

Day 2 Brought some improved skiing across the board with our athletes, and others as well. Annie Dietrich again led the FLITE Team Ladies finishing 2nd in her age; 3rd overall. Sasha MacGregor again had a strong day, just missing the Top 10, grabbing 6th in her age; 11th overall. Catilin Woodrow finished 3rd in her age; 22nd overall. RJ Cancilla again led the men of FLITE Team with a 1st in his age; 2nd overall finish. Brandon Crotty followed- up his Saturday with a 9th in his age; 22nd overall, followed by Matthew Cancilla who was 9th in his age; 25th overall and Colin Woodrow who improved to 12th in his age; 32nd overall with a very good second run in the competition.

Congratulations to all the athletes who pressed their limits and showed great improvement in their skiing over the weekend. The next B Competition is at home Jan. 21-22.