aliciapearlStylists Prepare Teens for Commercial Shoot at Sky High

by Jennie Acklin

Alicia Pearl had a salon full of teenage boys and girls last Sunday morning at 7 a.m.  What is most unusual is hard to say — teenage boys in a salon or the atmosphere of laughter and kidding around when the “newest victim” was called to the makeup chair?

Pearl is a makeup artist and nail technician at the Edge Salon on Monroe Street in Ellicottville.  That morning she was preparing a cast of teenagers for a television shoot that was taking place at Holiday Valley’s Sky High Adventure Park that morning.

Pearl was hired by Tracy Broshar, director of Youth Services for ACCORD (Allegany County Community Opportunity & Rural Development, a division on Community Action Allegany County) and film director Danny Bush of St. Bonaventure University.  She asked her good friend and professional makeup artist Jamie Stuhler to help with the project, as they were given only one and a half hours to complete airbrush makeup on seven teens.

Within its organization, ACCORD  has a Teen Advisory Board (TAB) comprised of youth leaders in the community. To be a TAB member, students must be nominated through their school groups by showing leadership, responsibility and involvement in their school and community.

Broshar asked the TAB members to come up with a campaign aimed at teens to increase access to reproductive health services, which are currently greatly underutilized in the area.

Rachel Terry, Ethan Broshar, Jake Weaver, Joe Dahin, Zach Enders, Eryn Broshar and Bridgette Winiski put their creative minds together and came up with a commercial that would be shown at all Allegany Carmike Theatres before the main show. They also created an outdoor board design that would be located within the traffic patterns of the theatres on I-86.

The message of the commercial is to always be “protected” and to “Protect your Parts.” The group thought a creative way to show safety was to use the metaphor of climbing and ziplining at Holiday Valley’s Sky High, where safety and proper protection with harnesses and equipment is imperative.

Danny Bush, director of the project, is a Communications professor at SBU, who worked closely with the creatives, refining their ideas, reviewing the script, scene shots, camera angles, audio details and all the other creative and technical decisions needed.

Although it was raining when they arrived at Sky High Sunday morning, after waiting a short time, cameras started rolling. Makeup was perfect, and stylists Pearl and Stuhler were on hand to help with any last-minute touchups.

The messages will begin playing in the theatres Nov. 1 and the outdoor boards will be posted in October.

For more information, contact the Cattaraugus County Health Department’s Reproductive Health Services at (585) 268-7605.

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