By Alicia Dziak

Ski season is fast approaching and while there are many ways to enjoy the slopes, one of the best values around is being a Holiday Valley Ski Club member.

Club members can choose from a variety of Holiday Valley “Ultimate Passes,” which allow you to select the day and time that works best for the group. Members pay one price and can ski or snowboard on the chosen day all season long while the resort is open. And it’s not unusual that the resort is open for 16 weeks, which means downhill fun times 16! In addition, lessons are included, and let’s face it—even experienced skiers can find room to improve.

While advisor credit incentives apply for groups of 10 or more, there is no minimum participant requirement to start a ski club.

“Just get a group together and contact us to get started for a winter full of adventure!” said Kristen Sciara, Holiday Valley’s assistant marketing director, who also assists with the resort’s ski clubs.

Besides creating loads of winter memories with your friends and family, Sciara adds that club members receive special rates on season passes and other ultimate passes.

Rental packages are also available for members, who get “one-stop shopping” to ensure the get in and out onto the slopes in no time at all!

“Holiday Valley makes it so easy to form a ski club,” said Hannes Dziak, advisor for Springville Youth Inc.’s ski club. “It’s such a great deal for anyone who loves to ski, and it’s great to have time set aside each week to ski with the same group of family and friends.”

If you’re thinking of starting a ski club, now is the perfect time. Holiday Valley will host its annual Ski Club Advisor Kickoff Party next Friday, Sept. 11. For more information, contact Kristen Sciara for school clubs at (716) 699-3905 or Niki Klein for adult clubs at (716) 699-2345, or visit