St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Sending Hurricane Relief to Puerto Rico

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Ellicottville is teaming up with “Adopt a Family US Virgin Islands” to lend a helping hand to families in Puerto Rico who have been devastated by the Hurricanes of 2017.  They’ve adopted 15 families who are in desperate need of baby supplies.  These families are coffee farmers.  Seventy percent of all the coffee farms have been demolished by Hurricane Maria. These families still do not have electric or running water!

Adopt a Family is a non-for profit organized and ran by 100 percent volunteers.  They are group of former and current St. Thomas residents helping out! The initiative was created by Sabrina Jureidini and Pam Engle. They have additional volunteers who were all displaced by hurricane Irma and Maria helping out behind the scenes.

St. Paul’s is collecting baby items for these 15 families and will send these packages of Love & Hope at the end of February.  There is a large collection tote in the Family Room at St. Paul’s for anyone who’d like to make a donation to send.  The church is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and, of course, Saturday at 5 p.m. for their Contemporary Service led by the best Praise Band in the Southern Tier or Sunday at 9 a.m. for the Traditional Service.  Stop by and see Glenda or Pastor Dan.

The following items have been requested to help these Families in need: Powered Baby Formula (any brand), Pedialyte, baby wipes, small toys, diaper cream, books, size 4 diapers, infant Tylenol and infant Motrin, baby food/cereal, bathing essentials (wash cloths, shampoo, soap), blankets/towels, sunscreen or hats, mosquito repellent to avoid Zika.