The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce a partnership with St. Bonaventure University. St. Bonaventure University is a place where more than 2,000 students are becoming extraordinary, and we at the chamber are all about extraordinary. 

“The St. Bonaventure partnership with the Chamber of Commerce adds to the ability for the Chamber to increase marketing efforts on many fronts,” Brian McFadden, executive director of the chamber. “It also allows for room to build and improve the many festivals events that draw visitors to the village.”

Founded in 1858 in the interest of promoting Catholic-Franciscan education, the university continues to this day to pursue academic excellence through personalized attention that reflects the Franciscan tradition of valuing human relationships. 

The university instills in students a real passion for learning and living, encouraging independent study, critical analysis and original expression. St. Bonaventure’s professors are committed and approachable faculty who dedicate themselves to making connections — among themselves, their courses and, most importantly, their students.  

Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education and journalism and mass communication and three graduate degrees are offered in a 100% online format through St. Bonaventure University Online.

“Our partners invest in the Ellicottville Chamber because they see what we do and they believe in our mission, we invest in partnerships like St Bonaventure in the hopes of luring more permanent residents to Ellicottville and assist them in attracting students and faculty,” McFadden said.