By Colleen Mahoney

Community members looking for all things Springville and beyond will soon have a user-friendly website dedicated to the cause.

The Springville Area Chamber of Commerce is updating its website to include local businesses, community events and tips for business owners.

The website,, is expected to go live this coming week and will include a directory of local businesses as well as information for the towns and villages it serves. In total, 13 communities are served by the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Director Jennifer Weber plans to highlight all of them. The website will include an “about” section for each community, highlighting the community and some history.

“I want to offer a macro view, not micro view, of the area,” Weber said. “People in Springville don’t just stay in Springville … so we’re exploring the area and what’s going on.”

The website will feature a section highlighting community events and area happenings, which users can submit to Weber to be featured. It will have an easy-to-read calendar showing area events, which will include major Chamber events and small community-run events. Bringing tourism to each community they serve is an important part of what the Chamber does,” Weber said. By highlighting local events, she hopes people will attend events they might not have known were happening.

“We’re definitely trying to expand where we serve,” she pointed out. “This is a good way to do it.”

Annual Chamber events will be listed on the website in a permanent listing. There will be a link for sponsorship opportunities, along with dates for the event and additional information. Some of the annual events hosted by the Chamber include the Halloween parade, the members’ gala, the craft beer and wine festival and the upcoming Oktoberfest, now in its 11th year.

Prominently featured on the website will be a directory of local businesses listed alphabetically. Weber said there are a lot of businesses in the surrounding areas and she hopes this will bring some publicity to them. Although some area businesses are members of the Chamber, Weber said that all area businesses, and nonprofits, will be featured on the website.

“If you’re looking for a swimming pool … you can see all the area pools … whether they’re a member or not,” Weber said. “I’m hoping it’ll become a town directory.”

Member businesses and organizations, however, will have their logo featured and there will be a link to their website or Facebook page. Chamber members also benefit from having their business or organization featured in a blogpost on the website. When members are celebrating anniversaries or expanding their services, for example, Weber plans to shine a virtual spotlight on the business or organization.

Members also will be featured on the Chamber’s social media platforms. Weber said she will be sharing their posts, highlighting them to the Chamber’s followers and promoting their businesses.

“Ultimately, our goal is to get the business, club or organization out there,” Weber said.

Since beginning the project in April, Weber has expanded the number of social media followers, adding a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to the Chamber’s already active Facebook site. Followers of the Chamber on Twitter are treated to how-tos and business tips for small businesses while Instagram offers a bit of daily life in the area to its followers. The website, Weber said, will feature a scroll of the social media platforms, as well as some articles on how to start, maintain and promote a successful business.

“I think for the amount I put on out on social media … it’s worth becoming a member,” Weber said. “Facebook has become like Google … it’s worth it to be featured.”

Businesses and organizations that are not members, but would like to be, will benefit from a membership link. The link will have an application for membership, including the benefits received and the amount per year. Currently, membership fees are prorated, because half the year is over. Weber said in August for new businesses to join, the fee is $62. For nonprofits, the fee is $31.

Weber hopes that visitors to the site find what they’re looking for.

“All the information will be out there … we’re just hoping it’s the information they’re looking for,” Weber said.

Visit the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce’s updated website at, visit them on Facebook at Springville Area Chamber of Commerce or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at SpringvilleACC. To contact Weber, call 592-4746 or email