By Abby Sonnenberg, ECS Student Reporter

As the snow outside gives way to dripping icicles and growing mud patches, spring break is here in full force for the students of Ellicottville Central. It carries with it a sense of excitement and relaxation, followed closely by the impending doom signaled by the end of the third marking period.

Some students are elated at the idea of finally getting away from their own small-town lives. As is classic spring break tradition, a few left the school environment early to embark on adventures of their own, choosing to venture down south to a more luxurious beach. Others are determined to get to their jobs more often this week, excited by the idea of having a little more cash to line their pockets.

And then, of course, there are students like myself. Teachers excited to finally have a week without grading papers ask where these particular students are going for break, and the answer is always “home” or “bed.” The idea of even a week of relaxation is exciting enough to some of us that it becomes the highlight of our break.

Meganne Chapman, a junior at ECS, puts this widespread feeling into an incredibly profound statement: “I am so excited to sleep in and relax.”

For others, spring break is the time to get things done. For the juniors at ECS, this is prime college-hunting time. After last week’s college fair, this week has the potential to be 10 days full of follow-ups and planning for the future. Ginna Hensel, one such junior, echoes these feelings almost exactly: “Spring break! The perfect time to visit colleges.”

This is one of the times during the school year that has a special effect on the students of Ellicottville Central. “Of all the breaks, spring break is my favorite,” said Louisa Benatovich, a junior. “After weeks of SATs, deadline stress, and the general difficulty of refraining from screaming at all times, this 10-day oasis feels well-deserved. It also signifies that the end of the year is coming and soccer season is just about to start. Neither of which I’m ready for.”

Spring break is the last major break in the Ellicottville Central school year. It signifies the oncoming terror of finals week, though people tend to overlook this detail in favor of the idea that this week simply acts as a prelude to the widely-worshipped summer break.

After summer break, of course, brings the new school year. While it may seem eons away, some students already have a list of things to look forward to. The seniors of this school year officially embark on their journey of life next year. The eighth graders venture fully into the high school wing for their last four years of ECS education, and the fifth graders get to step up into the middle school wing. There is buzz already among the fifth graders, fueled by the new clubs alone.

“It’s weird that next year I’ll be going into middle school because it feels like I just started fifth grade,” said Sophia Sundeen, one such fifth grader. “I’m really excited to try drama club next year!”

There seems to be no sour feelings about break of what it has to bring. The students of Ellicottville Central are ready for a week of relaxation and aren’t afraid to show it. The last day before our week-long salvation seems even to have lifted the teachers’ spirits. Mrs. Edwards, a teacher at ECS, said, “Spring break is a restorative time for my family where we try to disconnect from our busy life and just enjoy each other’s company. It helps springboard us into the final part of the school year so that we can finish strong. The holidays and change of season at this time of year are very symbolic of new life… even though, let’s face it, it is usually still snowing when we return, we can see warmth in the near future!”

It’s easy to see that spring break has been long-awaited in the eyes of almost every – if not every – student and teacher at ECS. All that’s left to do now is take advantage of it.