By Jann Wiswall

The ECS Board of Directors held a special meeting on Tuesday, May 7 to approve a contract with Erie 1 BOCES to authorize the Western New York Regional Information Center to furnish “computer services to the District … for an amount not to exceed $115,843.20 and authorizes 60 monthly payments to be made to Erie 1 BOCES in the amount not to exceed $1,930.72.”

The special meeting was called in order to approve the contract during this school year so that state aid on about $55,000 of the contract can be reimbursed to ECS during the 2013-14 school year.

In other business, ECS Superintendent Mark Ward invited School Nurse Kim Watt to explain to the board some policy changes her office recommends. Watt explained that she has received clarification from the state regarding requirements for sports physicals. As has always been true, all student athletes must have a physical from their regular physicians each year to clear them to play — those physicals stay in effect for 12 months. In the past, the school also has conducted basic physicals for all student athletes. The state, however, does not require a school physical in addition to the doctor’s physical.

Going forward, Watt said she will be communicating to all parents and students to remind them to schedule their regular physicals. Without the appropriate paperwork on file with the nurse’s office, students may not begin practice.

To make things as convenient as possible, Watt will be posting all related instructions and downloadable forms on the nurse’s office website. In addition, Watt will be in the office for the entire week before new sports seasons start to receive and check off required paperwork.

Watt also will be posting forms related to children with allergies and other known conditions, including parents’ instructions for emergency care. She also will remind parents to keep her office informed if new conditions develop.

Superintendent Ward filled the board in on the status of a number of ongoing topics, projects and activities, including next week’s public hearing on the proposed 2013-14 budget scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on May 14 in the High School Cafeteria and the May 21 Budget Vote and School Board Election from 1–8 p.m. in the Elementary School Foyer.

Ward also asked the board to start thinking about whether or not the school should consider selling some of its land in order to build up its financial reserves. The property, which totals 157.9 acres, was recently surveyed. About 120 acres are adjacent to state land and Holiday Valley property.

Board members discussed a number of ideas and strategies about how to determine whether or not to sell and how much of the land might be marketable. While no decisions were made, the first step, the board agreed, would be to have the property professionally appraised, both for land and timber value. They also agreed that an attorney should be hired to represent the district in the matter.

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