By Caitlin Croft

During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board (PB), an issue arose with a Site Plan that was approved in February 2016 for 35 West Washington Street. The site plan that was initially approved by the PB was not adhered to. During construction, there were issues with ground water leading to the foundation being 16 inches higher than approved and thus the overall height of the residence increased to just about 27 feet, two feet above what was approved. The PB moved for the Village to enforce a Stop Build Order until a plan of correction can be decided upon. A special meeting to find a solution and review a new Site Plan was held on Friday, Oct. 14.

The meeting opened with discussion as to how the errors were arrived at and why the Village Engineer was not contacted when the initial foundation problem arose. The PB explained that it is inherently crucial that plans and reviews they approve need to be followed.

The PB found two acceptable choices for correcting the height of the residence: First, they could remove block from the foundation or second, change the height of the second floor. The homeowner opted for the latter choice and will lower the second floor ceiling to 7 feet. This brought the total height of the residence to 25 feet 11.5 inches.

The new Site Plan was approved with a handful of conditions, along with needing a new Architectural Review to be performed at the November meeting.

The following are the conditions in which the new site plan was approved:

1. Ceiling height of the second floor will now be 7 feet and the structure is not to exceed 25 feet 11.5 inches.

2. Siding (hardie board) and trim must be extended one block lower to reduce the visual obstruction.

3. Three to four red maple trees, 20 feet tall and 3-4 inches in caliper, must be planted by May 1, 2017.

4. The porch on both sides must be lowered as to mitigate the new increased size of the home. It will now have one step from the door to the porch.

5. Two sump pumps must be tied into the village storm system on Elizabeth Street.

6. Architectural shingles on the structure must be dark in color.

7. The Village engineer must approve the site plan for the modifications of the sidewalk to the house and grading. Also, the landscaping (red maple trees) and location must be added to the site plan.

The Stop Build Order was removed due to the new site plan and conditions being approved. The new architectural review will happen at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board on Nov. 8, 2016.