The South has long been known for hospitality and down home music. Recently the region has seen the emergence of a musical group of young musicians who are masters of their craft and embody the soul and spirit of Dixie. The band creating all the buzz, called Southern Hospitality, is composed of lap steel guitar master Damon Fowler, guitarist extraordinaire J.P. Soars, and keyboard wizard Victor Wainwright.

The three artists are musicians’ musicians, each bringing a unique style and fresh translation of the great Southern soul, blues, and rock music that came before them. Together, their mutual chemistry, high energy and skill-sets create a cohesive vision that organically flows together into an entirely original and dynamic form of Americana, Southern soul roots music with a modern sensibility.

The group came together at a music festival in West Virginia in 2011, when the three frontmen of various bands performed in an impromptu jam session at a post-festival party. After witnessing the performance, the South Florida Blues Society approached the trio about playing for the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Pre-Cruise Party, and from there, Southern Hospitality was born.

Don’t miss your chance to see this blues supergroup right here in Ellicottville! Head to Balloons on Friday, July 3 at 7 p.m. and hear Southern Hospitality perform their unique style of  music. You won’t be disappointed!