Snicker Brown and Dorothy Mercer in great anticipation of upcoming wedding.
Snicker Brown and Dorothy Mercer in great anticipation of upcoming wedding.

A Black Tie Affair to Remember

By Mary Fox

It will be a party gone to the dogs, as dog lovers and their people gather for the annual Doggy Party at 4:30ish on Wednesday, Aug. 20 at Spruce Lake (rain date Aug. 27).

“It started out years ago as a fun get-together with Newfies and their owners. Soon it morphed into a fundraiser for Almost Home Animal Sanctuary and EARS Animal Rescue Shelter in Salamanca,” said MJ Brown, who with Teresa Mercer, owner of Rover Makeover Dog Salon, are the organizers of the event.

“Fun-loving ‘children’ accompanied by well-behaved adults are invited to just sit back, watch and laugh,” said Teresa. “It’s amazing how well they play together — the dogs, that is. No fights, just fun.”

Every party needs a theme and this year it is the doggy marriage of Snicker Doodle Brown and Dorothy Ann Elizabeth Marie Wagner.

It will be the wedding of the season, officiated by Pastor O.J. of the Dogs of Good Times Church with a yowling choir providing music for the occasion.

Goldie Brown will be maid of honor with Dozer Widger Best man. Sweet Tea Wagner will be flower girl along with several bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Snicker and Dotty are marking their own vows and chosen their wedding attire. It’s a black tie affair for humans and dogs, so come dressed appropriately.  You don’t want your dog pointed out as shabby (or yourself, for that matter).  If you prefer, bridesmaids’ attire is also appropriate (for men, too).

A reception ball will be held after the wedding with lots of water for everyone.  The wedding dinner will be hot dogs (provided) and, if you like, a potluck dish to pass. Please bring your own beverage.

Pupcakes, specially made by the bride’s mothers, Teresa, and sister Calla, will be served for the dog guests with wedding cake for the human guests.

A wishing well will receive gifts of money for Almost Home and EARS, and EARS will have some adoptable pups on hand for bonding.

Birth control specialist Doctor Tim has discussed with the couple the option available and performed necessary measures to ensure the couple enjoys a happy, carefree life.

Bring your lawn chair for a front row seat.  It will prove to be an exciting time for all — and you’re invited.

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