Snowflakes are finally making their way to Ellicottville! Gallery 14731 is proud to announce the opening of our second show, Douglas Levere: Snowflakes on Jan. 7, 2016. The show will feature 21 stunning photographs of individual snowflakes.

Snowflakes have become a passion of Levere’s, an artist and commercial photographer living in Amherst, NY. On most cold, snowy winter nights, he can be found out in his garage photographing snowflakes. Using a digital SLR, a microscope lens, an adapted microscope base and a flash, he is able to capture the delicacy, strength and elegance of snowflakes in the short time that they exist. Levere finds it to be “a joyous task to reveal these gems that are hiding in plain sight.”

This show will be only the second public exhibition of Levere’s snowflake photography. This work has been published in the New Yorker, The Buffalo News and in many other online publications and blogs. His commercial images have also appeared in Newsweek, People, Business Week, Life, the New York Times and Forbes.

The uniqueness of each snowflake is truly stunning and adds to the breathtaking beauty of each photograph. This show is a must see for everyone! The opening reception will be from 5-7 p.m. on Saturday. Jan. 9. Snowflakes will be in town for a limited time only, so don’t miss it!

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