SAM_5488by Eva Potter

Moving or tired of that leather couch?

There’s a new way to give your used, high-end furniture a second life. You can now sell those pieces you are no longer using at the new Slopeside Junction consignment shop and come away with a little money to put toward your new furnishings.

Shop owner Colleen Hastings, who also owns a consignment and antique store in Arcade, N.Y., thought she could fill a void in Ellicottville.

“When people in town are switching their furniture or moving, they don’t always have a place to take it,” said Hastings.

Along with son Ryan Sullivan and “adopted son” Dante Carlton, Hastings will open the store this Saturday, Aug. 10. The store is located next to Betsy’s Consignments at 34 Washington Street in the village.

Hastings said Carlton played a large role in pulling the store together.

“Without him and Ryan, it wouldn’t have been possible,” said Hastings.

She said that Sullivan will be running the Ellicottville store.

“Ryan has been helping me since he was a kid with all my other ventures,” said Hastings, who has always been driven by her entrepreneurial spirit and “passion for finding that deal, finding that special piece.”

Inside the store, you will find everything from leather couches, table and chair sets, bedroom furniture, pottery, lamps and fine antiques. Hastings said she is looking for artists who are looking for a place to display and sell their work.

In addition to furniture, the store will also offer small wares for people starting out in apartments or homes.

Hastings said most things are kept for 60 days, with a price reduction after 30 days. Then the owner has the option of taking it back or donating it to charity.

But why open this store in Ellicottville?

“My son loves Ellicottville. I love Ellicottville—it’s a quaint, beautiful town with great people,” said Hastings. “When I want to go somewhere to have a nice meal, I come to Ellicottville. When you just want to get together with friends, this is the place to go.”

Slopeside Junction is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. For more information, call Colleen Hastings at (716) 445-1448.