By Liz Bares

Rhubarb is full of potassium. Potassium is crucial for life. Your heart, kidneys and other organs need potassium to work normally. If your potassium levels are low, you have a greater risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, infertility and digestive disorders. Rhubarb also has calcium and vitamin C. It’s an all-around healthy food!

Rhubarb can be tough to choke down on its own due to its extreme tartness. This is why most folks pair it with strawberries for a delicious pie. This recipe is sort of like a rhubarb crisp but with two layers of “dough” so the rhubarb is sandwiched in-between. My son is a big pie eater, much more than cookies or cake, so I pack these in his lunchbox for a sweet treat.

We will be roasting the rhubarb before we make it into a bar so this recipe has two steps essentially. The bars last for about five days in your fridge. You could probably freeze them, too. I’ve never done it; they may defrost on the soggy side.

I like these bars on the tart side, so you can increase your sugar a bit if you’d like them a bit sweeter. If you keep them on the tart side, you can eat them for breakfast without too much guilt — at least that is what I tell myself.