By Jann Wiswall

Cleanup of the old Signore metal manufacturing plant at 55-57 Jefferson St. will not receive New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Certificate of Completion for brownfield cleanup until 2015, reported David Chiazza, executive vice president of Iskalo Development Company.

Iskalo, which purchased the site in 2007, will conduct a final test of the groundwater in the spring after the next round of cold weather has passed, he explained. It will then take several more months for the DEC to complete its paperwork and declare the site safe.

The site, which was designated a Superfund site by the DEC in 1986 ,when the property was still owned by Signore, was found to be contaminated by low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) both in the surrounding soil and groundwater. Both public and private drinking water wells were contaminated “due to spills, leakage and other plant operations,” as noted in the DEP’s Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) work plan.

Over the years, Signore undertook a number of state-directed studies and IRMs designed to protect the water supply by installing interceptor wells and connecting 34 residential properties to the municipal system.

When the property was purchased by Iskalo, additional environmental studies were done to assess ongoing issues; further soil and groundwater contamination was detected. Iskalo applied to the State Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) for assistance and its application was accepted in January 2011.

Since then, Iskalo has followed the BCP’s requirements for remediation, including removing contaminated soil and several underground tanks and replacing the soil with clean fill.

Chiazza said Iskalo still has no specific plans for developing the site since its focus has been on cleanup.

“Next year we’ll start reacquainting ourselves with the property,” he said. “When we have some ideas, we’ll have discussions with village officials about our thoughts and get their reactions.”

A portion of the property currently is zoned for medium density residential development. The rest is zoned for industrial development.