By Caitlin Croft

Holiday Valley held the annual Kandahar Festival for U14/U12/U10 athletes, and over 180 athletes gathered for this regional race. From this, athletes can move on to qualify for Kandahar Championships to be held at Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY.

HoliMont’s Cameron Johnson took gold on day one in the Kombi event. Erik Shattenberg of Holiday Valley walked away in the top spot on day two’s Giant Slalom. U10 athletes can qualify for Champs if they finish in the top 15 overall on two runs. This is a huge feat for a U10 and HoliMont’s Olivia Cummings accomplished this!

Day One Kombi U14 Men: Lachlan Deathe of HoliMont finished with the silver medal. Logan McColloch (HO) finished 5th, Peter McKenna (HO) 8th, Matthew King (HO) 10th, Ryan Gambrell (HO) 13th and Nicholas Koerber (HV) took 20th.

Day One Kombi U14 Women: HoliMont’s Sabine Lucas placed 5th, Sydney Hendricks (HO) 7th, Isabella Scott (HV) 10th, Molly Basadur (HO) 11th, Megan Kelsch (HO) 18th, Helen Malone (HO) 19th, Heather Dunlap (HO) 20th and Zoe Folsetter (HO) took 24th.

Day One Kombi U12 Men: Cameron Johnson of HoliMont finished with the gold and Holiday Valley’s Erik Shattenberg took the bronze medal. Buck Rathburn (HO) placed 4th, Liam Ainslie (HO) 6th, Maxwell Burget (HO) 8th, Carson Corey (HV) 9th, Harry Scanlon (HV) 10th, Andrew Williams (HO) 11th, Dougie Basadur (HO) 12th and Owen Griffith (HV) finished 13th. Aaron Gyorgy (HO) finished in 15th, Blake Preston (HO) 19th, Beaudin Napolitano (HO) 21st, Hans Solly (HO) 23rd, Alex Gambrell (HO) 33rd, Nathan Belza (HO) 35th and Jonathan Scarrow (HO) 36th.

Day One Kombi U12 Women: Madalyn Cummings of HoliMont took the gold and teammates Mary Catherine Mangan and Claire Rintoul finished with the silver and bronze respectively. Holiday Valley’s Alexandra Smillie and Leah Smillie placed 4th and 5th. Francesca Ferrara (HO) 7th, Charlotte Harter (HV) 8th, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 11th, Charlotte Branscome (HO) 18th, Reese Latta (HV) 21st, Emmylu Carls (HO) 22nd, Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 23rd, Katie Hutchings (HV) 24th and Lilah Pecora (HO) finished 25th. Ruby Wiley of HoliMont finished 36th, Maxine Palmerton (HV) 38th and Hannah Baker (HO) took 40th.

Day One Kombi U10 Men: Ethan Peters of HoliMont took 2nd place with Henry Black of Holiday Valley finished in 3rd. Holden Bozek (HO) 9th, JR Palmerton (HV) 10th, Coleman Carls (HO) 15th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 16th, Jasper Tullet (HO) 18th, Cody Preston (HO) 21st, Shay Malone (HO) 24th and George (HO) finished 25th.

Day One Kombi U10 Women: Olivia Cummings of HoliMont took 1st followed by teammates Jane Rathburn and Mia Kerl in 2nd and 3rd. Sophia Goldberg of Holiday Valley finished 4th, Molly DeRose (HV) 6th, Eniko Knezic (HO) 9th, Georgia Priestman (HO) 10th, Hannah Goldberg (HV) 11th, Georgia Hewson (HO) 12th and Elizabeth Scott of Holiday Valley finished 13th.

Day Two GS U14 Men: Lachlan Deathe (HO) took the silver medal, Ryan Gambrell (HO) 5th, Nicholas Koerber (HV) 7th, Matthew King (HO) 10th and Peter McKenna (HO) 12th.

Day Two GS U14 Women: Sydney Hendricks of HoliMont finished 6th, Isabella Scott (HV) 7th, Sabine Lucas (HO) 8th, Molly Basadur (HO) 16th, Heather Dunlap (HO) 17th, Megan Kelsch (HO) 18th, Helen Malone (HO) 20th and Zoe Folsetter (HO) 25th.

Day Two GS U12 Men: Holiday Valley’s Erik Shattenberg walked away with the gold medal, with Cameron Johnson of HoliMont taking the silver medal. Buck Rathburn (HO) 4th, Carson Corey (HV) 6th, Liam Ainslie (HO) 7th, Dougie Basadur (HO) 8th, Harry Scanlon (HV) 9th, Hans Solly (HO) 10th, Blake Preston (HO) 12th and Andrew Williams (HO) 13th. Maxwell Burget (HO) finished 17th, Aaron Gyorgy (HO) 21st, Owen Griffith (HV) 24th, Alex Gambrell (HO) 28th, John Black (HV) 32nd, Jonathan Scarrow (HO) 35th and Nathan Belza (HO) 37th.

Day Two GS U12 Women: HoliMont’s Mary Catherine Mangan finished with the gold, followed by teammate Madalyn Cummings with the silver. Alexandra Smillie (HV) had another 4th place finish, Claire Rintoul (HO) 5th, Francesca Ferrara (HO) 7th, Leah Smillie (HV) 8th and Charlotte Harter (HV) finished 9th. Charlotte Branscome (HO) 13th, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 16th, Emmylu Carls (HO) 20th, Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 22nd and Katie Hutchings (HV) 23rd. Lilah Pecora of HoliMont finished in 28th, Maxine Palmerton (HV) 35th, Ruby Wiley (HO) 36th and Hannah Baker (HO) 38th.

Day Two GS U10 Men: Liam Hamel of HoliMont made his way on to the podium finishing with the silver medal. Henry Black (HV) finished 4th, Holden Bozek (HO) 7th, JR Palmerton (HV) 9th, Coleman Carls (HO) 10th, Cody Preston (HO) 17th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 18th, Jasper Tullett (HO) 20th, Everett Hamel (HO) 22nd, Shay Malone (HO) 25th and George Wiley (HO) 26th.

Day Two GS U10 Women: The HoliMont ladies swept the podium again with Olivia Cummings in 1st, Jane Rathburn 2nd and Mia Kerl 3rd. Molly DeRose of Holiday Valley finished in 4th, Eniko Knezic (HO) 6th, Sophia Goldberg (HV) 8th, Georgia Priestman (HO) 9th, Grace Privitera (HV) 10th, Hannah Goldberg (HV) 12th, Georgia Hewson (HO) 13th and Elizabeth Scott (HV) 14th.

U16 Athletes traveled back up to Whiteface for their U16 State Championships. Day one ended up being a Giant Slalom because they could not hold a Super-G due to Mother Nature giving bad visibility. Day two was a Slalom and day three was another Giant Slalom.

Day One GS Men: Lucas Johnson of HoliMont finished in 11th, Jes Sauereisen (HV) 25th and Connor Galton (HV) took 52nd.

Day One GS Women: Candice Kasahara of Holiday Valley took 7th with teammate Katherine Wojnowski right behind her in 8th. Logan Fredrickson (HV) finished in 10th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 12th, Hayly Fredrickson (HV) 13th and Sierra Cappelli (HV) 14th. Phoebe Dunn of Holiday Valley placed 29th, Alaina Lah (HV) 41st and Claire Taylor (HV) 51st.

Day Two SL Men: Alec Nolan of Holiday Valley finished 5th with Carlo Muscarella of HoliMont in 6th. Lucas Johnson (HO) 8th, Maxxon Solly (HO) 14th, Connor Galton (HV) 53rd and Nolan Evans (HV) took 63rd.

Day Two SL Women: Holiday Valley’s Logan Fredrickson took 4th, Candice Kasahara (HV) 6th, Zoe Knauss (HO) 7th and Hayly Fredrickson (HV) 11th. Lauren Thomas (HV) finished 13th with teammates Paige Duffy and Katherine Wojnowski right behind in 14th and 15th. Sierra Cappelli of Holiday Valley placed 17th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 21st, Maddie Welch (HO) 47th and Claire Taylor 53rd.

Day Three GS Men: Carlo Muscarella of HoliMont placed 4th, Maxxon Solly (HO) 9th, Lucas Johnson (HO) 16th, William Peters (HO) 26th, Nolan Evans (HV) 28th and Orry Shattenberg (HV) 33rd.

Day Three GS Women: Zoe Knauss (HO) finished in 6th, Logan Fredrickson (HV) 7th, Candice Kasahara (HV) 6th and Lauren Thomas (HV) took 10th. Katherine Wojnowski (HV) placed 12th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 13th, Sierra Cappelli (HV) 17th, Paige Duffy (HV) 18th and Hayly Fredrickson (HV) 22nd. Holiday Valley Teammates Phoebe Dunn, Alaina Lah and Claire Taylor came in 40th, 50th and 64th respectively.

U19/U21 Athletes Traveled to Gore for their State Championships. They followed the same format as the U16s with two Giant Slaloms and one Slalom.

Day One GS Men: Holiday Valley’s Nathan Briselden finished 5th, Max Carbaugh (HV) 6th and HoliMont’s Jacob Flaherty took 7th. Nicholas Scott (HO) placed 16th and Christian Taylor (HV) finished 22nd.

Day One GS Women: Chloe Richards of HoliMont took the silver medal.

Day Two SL Men: HoliMont’s Nicholas Scott finished 16th, Max Carbaugh (HV) 20th and Sean Nolan (HV) took 22nd.

Day Three GS Men: Nathan Briselden (HV) finished 4th, Max Carbaugh (HV) 5th, Sean Nolan (HV) 16th and Christian Taylor (HV) took 27th.

Day Three GS Women: Holiday Valley’s Taylor Hubert finished 7th.


U14 Women: Sydney Hendricks (HO), Sabine Lucas (HO) and Isabella Scott as First Alternate.

U14 Men: Lachlan Deathe (HO), Ryan Gambrell (HO) and Logan McCulloch (HO).

U12 Women: Madalyn Cummings (HO), Mary Catherine Mangan (HO), Claire Rintoul (HO), Alexandra Smillie (HV), Leah Smillie (HV), Francesca Ferrara (HO), Charlotte Harter (HV) and Carissa Dunlap (HO).

U12 Men: Cameron Johnson (HO), Erik Shattenberg (HV), Buck Rathburn (HO), Liam Ainslie (HO), Carson Corey (HV), Dougie Basadur (HO), Harry Scanlon (HV) and Maxwell Burget (HO).


Men: Nathan Briselden (HV), Max Carbaugh (HV) and Jacob Flaherty (HO).

Women: Chloe Richards (HO).


Men: Carlo Muscarella (HO) and Alec Nolan (HV).

Women: Logan Fredrickson (HV), Candice Kasahara (HV), Zoe Knauss (HO) and Katherine Wojnowski (HV).


Men: Lucas Johnson (HO) and Maxxon Solly (HO).

Women: Lauren Thomas (HV), Hayly Fredrickson (HV), Kate Masliwec (HO), Sierra Cappelli (HV) and Paige Duffy (HV).

Congratulations to all athletes who have moved on to post season races!