By Jeff Martin

Coming Up: Chili Fundraiser, Performances, Classes, Artist Residences, Exhibitions and More 

The upcoming year looks like another successful one for the Springville Center for the Arts (SCA).

Fast becoming one of the most successful beacons in the Western New York area, the organization has a calendar full of events for 2014.

Looming the largest is the current renovation and expansion project using approximately $830,000 in grant money from the Regional Economic Development Council, which was awarded last year to great surprise and celebration.

Seth Wochensky, executive director for SCA, said this week that the organization is “pretty much” on schedule regarding its two major projects.

“There’s so much work involved in the projects,” he said. “I can’t believe how much we’ve had to work on to get through this. Then again, I’ve learned so much.”

About half of the money, or $434,310, will be used to repair and expand the center’s headquarters at a former Baptist church just off Main Street, while the remaining funds will be used to repair and convert a building on Main Street into a mixed-use arts center. The center will include