Springville Center for the Arts (SCA) is seeking volunteers to “adopt” seedlings for the green roof project at 5 East Main Street in Springville. Interested parties should have a sunny window location and a green thumb, with some seedling experience. Seed packets will be distributed and the seedlings will be installed on the roof later in the spring when plants are fully developed .

A green roof has many benefits, including reducing the flow of storm water, keeping the building and surrounding environment cooler, and a far greater roof lifespan, which makes them very cost effective over the long term.

While the technology is relatively new in the United States, countries in central Europe have been working with green roofs for half a century. There are several different systems, but most green roofs involve some sort of drainage layer, various fabrics to separate components and a lightweight, engineered soil medium, populated by drought and wind resistant plants.

The green roof project at 5 East Main Street is a demonstration project that contains zones of extensive, or low maintenance plants, garden-like public areas, raised beds suitable for vegetables, and meadow plantings.

Eventually, visitors to the first floor café will be able to visit the roof on a regular basis. The Arts Center received a grant from the Environmental Facilities Corporation to assist with this project. SCA is transforming the building from an abandoned and collapsed structure into a dynamic, arts-based, multi-use redevelopment.

In addition to the seedling adoption program, volunteers are requested for the green roof installation. Most of the components are tentatively scheduled to be hoisted to the roof on April 25, with plantings to occur in May. A green roof “certification” workshop will be held in advance.

Interested volunteers should call 592-9038 or email Seth Wochensky at