hoot2By Alicia Dziak 

Sally Marsh and her Hootenanny fans gathered last Saturday at Allegany State Park to attempt to break the world record for most people singing “Old MacDonald” at once.

Although it will take three to six months to find out the official acceptance from the Guinness Book officials, according to Marsh, “We made it in all the ways needed.”

To break the world record, 375 people met at the Quaker Amphitheater at ASP to join in on the sing-along where 18 verses of the song were belted out and recorded for the Guinness Book of World Records officials.

The “gates” to the amphitheater opened just before 3 p.m. Marsh signed participants in, and each guest had to hold up a small sign with their name and number on it, along with their corresponding name on a wristband, and have their photo taken.

Once officially signed in, guests had to remain in the fenced off area for the duration of the event. Participants sprawled out on blankets and chatted with friends as they waited for the singing to begin.

With 200 preregistered guests, it was down to the wire whether the current record of 332 people would be met, but as time ticked away, the announcement came that the number had been met and exceeded, and as cheers from the crown emerged, the singing soon followed.

Marsh led the charge, officials walked around to make sure everyone was actually singing, and history was made!

“It was so much fun to attempt to break a world record in such a quirky way, and it was great to do it at one of my favorite places,” said Claire Brown of Springville.

“If Saturday was my last day, it was the perfect last day,” stated Marsh. “To be with 375 people who love the Hootenanny and Allegany State Park like I do was so awesome. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart!”