Deb and Jessica Halloran, owners of Rustix Hair Design

By Jennie Acklin

Deb Halloran has a new location and a new name for her hair salon, but everything else has stayed the same. Well, almost.  Formerly called School House Salon, the new Rustix salon is located at 29 Bristol Lane, in the newly refurbished Nannen Bat Factory, which is now the home of Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza and EVL Bowling, along with several other newly relocated businesses.

The attention to detail that she and daughter Jessica, husband Tim, sons Kohl and Zach, and Dave Erlander, put into the new salon is a work of art, combining antique details, rustic accents, and custom-built workstations, counters, cabinets, shelves and signage. A cozy waiting area and a customer coffee bar are just a few of the new special features of Rustix. It’s just like being at home, except Deb and Jessica will pamper you, make your haircut, style and color look très chic. They’ll even do your makeup, too (which doesn’t usually happen at home with that much flair)!

Jessica has been working part-time with Deb for a few years now, and is going to be more involved with Rustix as soon as her baby girl is born (which should be any day now). Her fiancé Dave Erlandson has been very involved in the construction process at the new salon, installing new sinks, mirrors and lighting, painting the walls and floors, and putting down a beautiful wood floor.

As customer service decreases in many industries, Deb and Jess offer an incredibly high level of customer service to their clients. They even travel to their homes when necessary, and Deb frequently picks up some of her customers that no longer drive.

“If I didn’t do that for my customers, some of which have been coming to me since I started working out of my kitchen/salon, they probably wouldn’t be able to ever get their hair done,” said Deb.

The duo will also pack up their supplies and travel to a wedding party that has booked reservations locally.

“It’s just so much easier for the girls to have everything done right in their room,” according to Deb. “If it’s raining, or windy weather, the wedding party doesn’t have to travel or bring their dresses and themselves out of their hotel room.” Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Deb specializes in color – in fact, she loves color! Being able to offer very affordable color to her clients, while maintaining high standards for cuts and styles is the core of her business. Jessica specializes in hair color as well and also loves offering makeup consultations and application to clients. They may add a retail makeup line in the next few months, once they have settled into their new space.

Open six or seven days a week to accommodate clients seems to work best for everyone, and allows Rustix to book clients by appointments rather than having set hours every day. Call (716) 699-4093 or stop by and visit with Deb and Jessica. They’ll make you feel right at home.

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