Having collaborated for two decades, Rusted Root has honed the perfect combination of musical intuition, freedom and virtuosity, which has allowed them to organically shape their music into its own distinct and undeniable vision.

With eight albums under their belt, over three million records sold and countless nights on the road, Rusted Root transcends age, cultures and musical styles.

Rusted Root band member, Liz Berlin, explains that the members of Rusted Root are drawn to and have explored virtually every form of music. “I am very inspired vocally by anything from Indian to African to Middle Eastern sounds and scales having grown up with a lot of Hebrew music,” she says.

Rusted Root founder and front man Michael Glabicki cites the Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Black Keys, Black Sabbath and various Afro Pop music as among his influences.

The powerhouse ensemble’s hypnotic live performances have allowed them to tour alongside Santana, Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band, Plant & Page and many others.

Now with the release of their newest album, The Movement, the journey continues. Glabicki says, “The Movement is an extremely joyous recording with seriously deep undertones. It is a culmination of everything we have learned it is truly is a career record for us.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to catch this popular band. Rusted Root will be performing at Ellicottville’s Summer Music Festival on Friday, July 1 at Holiday Valley.

Score your tickets to this and the festival’s other performances at www.ellicottvilleny.com.