By Mary Heyl

Yes, the “rumourz” are true!

In just a couple of weeks the Fleetwood Mac tribute band, Rumourz, will be performing live at Ellicottville’s Rock ‘n Roll Weekend on Saturday, September 19.

The Niagara Falls-based band is ready to rock the Winery of Ellicottville’s Mainstage at 1 p.m. with Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits, including some of Stevie Nicks’ solo songs.

“We put everything we have into our performances,” said Stacey Givan, vocalist and keyboardist, “and we’re really excited to bring that energy to Ellicottville.”

Rumourz has been performing throughout the region since 2013; however, the band members have played together for many years. Givan and Matt Hake, vocalist and guitarist, have been friends since high school and performed together for several years. Before forming Rumourz, Givan and Hake performed together in a classic rock band for four years.

“The crowd really liked our Fleetwood Mac covers, so one night we did a whole night of Fleetwood Mac,” explained Givan. “The response was awesome, and it soon snowballed into several Fleetwood Mac nights!”

Bassist and vocalist Mario Nobilio, also a friend of Givan’s since high school, joined Givan and Hake, along with drummer and vocalist Ryan Gaines, who performed with Givan and Hake in other bands over the years.

Rumourz’s passion for Fleetwood Mac’s music is evident throughout their performances, which convey the original band’s distinct emotional lyrics. Although it is difficult for Givan to name a favorite Fleetwood Mac song, “Dreams” strikes her as a most memorable and beloved one.

“I first discovered Fleetwood Mac in middle school when I found one of their albums in the band room,” said Givan, who has been in love with the music ever since. “Fleetwood Mac’s music is very emotion-based,” she explained. “We try to bring that to the music when we play it.”

All four of the band’s members contribute to the three and four part harmonies of the music, while putting an “up tempo” twist on some of Fleetwood Mac’s mellower songs, thus creating a more danceable performance.

Clearly, their audiences are loving it!

In January, the band enjoyed Fleetwood Mac’s concert at Buffalo’s First Niagara Center, and followed the concert with a Rumourz performance of their own at the after-party at Buffalo’s Iron Works.

“We made it a free show,” said Givan, “but had it been a ticketed performance, it would have been a sell-out. We were packed to the hilt!”

Most recently, Rumourz performed at the Palace Theater in Lockport on Saturday, August 29, and, according to Givan, “The response was surreal.” As Rumourz’s first theater show, their Palace Theater concert received lots of compliments and enthusiasm from the crowd.

Last summer, Rumourz performed locally in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, but this summer is the band’s first regional tour. Rumourz’s busy summer has included performances in Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Pittsburgh and Scranton. Additionally, Givan and Hake have performed acoustic shows in Cleveland this year.

After their Ellicottville performance, Rumourz is getting ready to play for a crowd of approximately 5,000 people at SUNY Buffalo’s North Campus in November. Four national bands will be performing, plus two regional bands, which Rumourz is excited to be part of.

Givan, who has been classically trained on the piano since the age of 7 and singing for 25 years, cannot wait to fill UB’s stadium with Rumourz’s distinct harmonies.

In Givan’s words, “We do what we love and we just hope we can bring a good show.”

Indeed, a good show is exactly what audiences can expect at Rumourz’s performance on Saturday, September 19 during Ellicottville’s Rock ‘n Roll Weekend. For more information about Rumourz and their upcoming performances, visit their Facebook page and website at