The Rotary Club of Ellicottville Foundation for Youth donated $2,000 to the Ellicottville Fire Department’s Explorer Program.  This program, in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, provides an opportunity for children ages 13 – 16 to become a volunteer firefighter in training.  This program has been revived to help get younger people trained and involved in volunteer fire fighting.

“This type of program fits perfectly with the Rotary Foundation for Youth’s mission and we are happy to help,” said Jack Luzier, president of the Rotary Club of Ellicottville.   “Our intention is to try to support two new members every year, which we believe will help the Volunteer Fire Department maintain and grow the Fire Company who provide a tremendous service to our community.  We are able to provide this funding because of the generous support for our fundraisers like Tuscan Moon.”

“The high cost of equipment for volunteers has been a limiting factor for growth of the program,” said Debbie Golley from EFD.  “This generous donation will help us grow the program and add much needed help to the company.”

Explorer members get to participate in meetings, work nights and fire and ambulance calls.  During work nights, they learn about various fire trucks and equipment, like airpacks, and practice running the hose.  While attending an actual fire, there are restrictions to what they can do to ensure safety, while allowing them to learn.  At the scene they report to the assistant chief or captain for their assignments.  There are currently five members and three advisors in the program.

If you have interest in this program, please contact Debbie Golley at 378-1170 or Rob Germain at 699-4293.