Fitness Instructors at Core Performance Fitness and Training, from left to right are Mila Clauss, Kim Watt, Laura Solly and Kim Duke. (Missing are Kim Buhler and Deb Frederickson.)
Fitness Instructors at Core Performance Fitness and Training, from left to right are Mila Clauss, Kim Watt, Laura Solly and Kim Duke. (Missing are Kim Buhler and Deb Frederickson.)

by Jon Barlow

Has anything been eating at your core? At 33 Bristol Lane, you will find a superb little fitness center to help that. It’s located in the new Ellicottville Square building where the former bat factory was remodeled.

At the end of the hall in the east side of the building, you will find two rooms dedicated to your health and fitness. A weight room and a studio make a powerful combo for personal training and group classes. Available six days per week are yoga, Pilates, aerobics, core fitness and muscle training.

Also, you will get the benefit of six knowledgeable instructors with their specific programs. They provide so much more than just personal training — an all-around healthy lifestyle is encouraged through any and all of the disciplines. Nutrition, consistency, rejuvenation and spirit elevation are among the keywords ingrained in the mindset of these energetic teachers.

Kim Duke is the owner and operator of Core Performance Fitness and Training, established here in Ellicottville in 2006 (formerly located in the 1887 Building). She has been involved in the workout world since 1983. Her background developed around being a dancer. From that, she recalls “how important core strength was,” and in any area of fitness “working on your posture and your strength in the torso is essential.” In the areas of weight loss or muscle toning, Kim will “dial in” what’s at your core.

All trainers here are certified with the National Exercise Trainers Association to assist in your strength conditioning. Unique workouts are derived by “pulling [things] out of all of the hot, new fitness ideas and blending them together.” This is an expertise that they can utilize for variety and gives clients the needed push.

Duke said this method “stays up with the times, challenges the clientele, and keeps it interesting.” An added bonus, the theory of Duke’s training is all about positive energy and “building someone UP!” Intensity levels vary but there is no “intimidation or tearing anybody down,” as happily stated by the workout guru — something that she ensures is the model for her team of trainers. Here’s a roster of the handpicked, helpful instructors embedded at the center.

Kim Watt is a nurse by trade, as well as a personal trainer. Her class, dubbed Back To Basics, involves beginners at heart and those who would like to “know where to start” as well as continuing exercise patterns. She helps clients with nutrition information and proper form in handling free weights, and in general helping them move toward a healthy lifestyle. Watt has a full class schedule at the moment, but anticipates taking on new people in the future.

Mila Clauss, a schoolteacher by day, drops some science at the Ab Lab, an intermediate class that focuses on abdominal workouts with high-intensity interval training and weights. As this class “runs the gamut,” participants help choose how advanced they become. These afternoon sessions are a great way to earn extra core credit!

Laura Solly is a registered yoga teacher who invites people of all levels to her rejuvenating aura. Her discipline combines stretching, relaxation, breath work and mindfulness. The student has “an opportunity to reflect and reconnect to one’s present moment within,” a life mantra we could all use.

Deb Frederickson motivates the Crack of Dawn class that gets the blood flowing. Structure-minded people enjoy this one to start the day right—  not a ton of hoopla, but the best mid-level movement for that “feel good” awakening.

Kim Buhler brings her expertise to the table with STOTT Pilates. Again, an incorporated method of the original exercises, this is done with a new approach. It includes principles of breathing, pelvic and ribcage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement

For any age — both male and female — if you are looking to improve your health in any way and start your New Year off with a nice kick, this is the place to prove how much you owe it to yourself. All of the instructors have common reasons to follow a path of wellness. They are consistently driven by a desire for physical fitness and all love to share these goals with others. By the way, the workouts are a lot of fun!

Follow Core Performance on Facebook for news daily. New group clients that sign up enjoy a “buy one class, get one free” throughout this season! To sign up, call Kim Duke at (716) 698-1198.