Renovations on the Springville Center for the Arts (SCA) Art’s Center building, located at 37 N. Buffalo St. in Springville, are underway.

Exterior work is being done, as well as the entire south wing, which includes renovating the gallery, installing a new elevator, new bathrooms and adding a classroom space.

SCA  recently received a $19,000 grant from the Western New York Foundation to support the elevator installation and classroom

In addition, the basement will be lowered two feet to be ADA compliant with the other side of the basement, and to be in line with Phase 3 plans for the theater renovation.

A framing crew, along with volunteers, are putting up the classroom addition next week and working on various other projects.

Next steps include digging the basement and cutting back the gallery’s second floor to be an open balcony and to re-expose the full height of the stained glass windows.