Trained Pros Ready to for Lessons, Clinics, Coaching


By Ron Kubicki, Director of Holiday Valley Snowsports School

Greetings everyone! Well, I am getting fewer warm rides on my motorcycle, fall colors are evident in the hills and my horse is getting that fuzzy look they get in the winter as they grow their winter coat. So, without looking at the calendar, I’d say, winter is on its way.

With that in mind, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you of the fun that the Holiday Valley Snowsports School offers throughout the ski and snowboard season. We have a dedicated staff of professional ski and snowboard instructors who work and train earnestly to improve their skills in order to offer a higher value to your and your family.

Our school has already begun weekly indoor coaching and planning sessions. Last season, a number of our staff completed a nationally accredited course in children-specific snowsports coaching, these new Children’s Specialist One and Two are training and coaching during our pre-season training sessions with our children’s and adult staff.

In addition, we had a number of our teachers achieve higher levels of certification in either skiing or snowboarding, and they are passing along their newly acquired knowledge and excitement to their colleagues and peers. We are Holiday Valley Snowsports School, and we are continually improving and evolving to achieve a higher service level and value for you, our guests.

Whatever your or your family’s skill level, we have the ability to enhance your on-snow experience from fundamentals to high-end tactics to enable you to deal with varying conditions and terrain here and wherever else you travel.

Our children’s program begins at age 3 with our Cub Cadet (skier) and Spurs (snowboard) beginner lessons, and through age 11 Trailblazers and Bronc’ Busters who ski and ride the entire mountain. The beginning youngsters, ages 3–6, begin their adventures at the Outpost, our children’s terrain-based learning environment fashioned after the successful Burton Riglet program. The higher levels use our entire mountain as their terrain-based learning environment.

We also offer Rangers, a season-long program where children ski and ride with the same coach and group of similarly aged and skilled friends. This is a fast-paced and fun program with parties, races and season-long instruction. This bunch learns and advances as a group, believe me these kids “rock the mountain!”

For ages 12 through adult, we have a full slate of packages and clinics to introduce you or your friends to our sport or to improve and increase your level of enjoyment on-snow.

For intermediate to expert women skiers, we have the nationally acclaimed Lisa Densmore “It’s Your Turn” women’s clinic Feb 12-13, 2015. This is a valuable two-day session with Lisa and our talented women instructors. It is two days on-snow, video analysis, breakfast together, a banquet and more, and we have a number of women who take this every season.

Once the season is underway, each week we offer special, focused clinics for both men and women. Just check at our Snowsports desks located in Creekside Lodge or the Lodge at Holiday Valley for details and availability.

Please take the opportunity this season to ski or ride with one of our talented pros. It will be time well spent!

So, layer up, find your equipment and maintain your fitness regimen. Winter is coming and I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

Now, I gotta go feed a bunch of fuzzy horses.