By Alicia Dziak

If you’re like me, who went to college in the ‘90s, you’ve at least heard of Rusted Root. My freshman year at RIT was one I considered my “alternative days” when it came to my music taste (which morphed into my “hip hop days” by the next year). I, of course, was a member of Columbia House and BMG and stocked my (free?) CD collection with everything from Blues Traveler and Weezer to Alannis and Jewel.

But topping all of my favorites from those days was Rusted Root. Classics like “Send Me on My Way” would often be stuck in my head, and even as I write this article, there it sits: “I would like to… reach out my hand…”

Over the years, I’ve attended a handful of Rusted Root concerts to hear their catchy roots rock. The last time I saw Rusted Root, they were playing at Ellicottville’s Summer Music Festival at Holiday Valley two years ago. They sounded just like I remembered them from back in the day.

This year, when the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce released the festival schedule, I was happy to see Michael Glabicki, Rusted Root’s lead singer, headlining one of the nights. While Rusted Root is on hiatus, Glabicki, who along with Rusted Root guitarist Dirk Miller — as well as Bobby Schenk on bass and Zil Fessler on drums, who have both played with Rusted Root in the past — and female singer Daisie Ghost Flower have formed a new band, UpRooted, which will be performing at the base of the ski slopes on June 29.

While the show will feature many familiar Rusted Roots tunes, it will also incorporate some of UpRooted’s new sound, which Glabicki describes as “more groove-oriented” with more guitar work. (Take a listen! Head to YouTube and search “Man Not a Machine.”)

“These guys are really solid, inspiring and intuitive,” Glabicki said of his bandmates. “They know where the music needs to go and they just take it there.”

Glabicki noted that the show will be improvisational.

“The groove can change every night and the meanings of songs change every night,” he said. “Sometimes we’re as surprised as the audience on where the music goes, and we like it like that.”

Of his return to Ellicottville, Glabicki said, “It’s a great town— a cool place with a unique vibe and a lot of culture.” He’s looking forward to spending the pre-show time in Ellicottville “soaking up something” and checking out the local eateries. “I’m a foody!” he said.

Grab tickets to UpRooted’s show, with opener Funktional Flow, at

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