Pedal Car Track, Professional Corn Maze and New Food Service Building

By Alicia Dziak

While summer has only just begun, fall is right behind the corner. To many, Pumpkinville is synonymous with fall in the Enchanted Mountains. Pumpkinville, located at 4844 Sugartown Rd. in Great Valley, has been owned by Dan and Diane Pawlowski for the past 18 years. Both of their children help out, as well, making it a true family business. And it’s clear that they carry this family focus into their business.

“It’s our goal to create great family memories without breaking the bank,” said Dan.

While most of us are gearing up for long, lazy days at the beach, the folks at Pumpkinville are getting ready for their busy season come September and October.

“We work hard all year long to get ready for fall,” said Dan. “We do a lot of our ordering in the winter, and there’s always maintenance to be done.”

Come fall, the couple easily spends 100-plus hours a week making Pumpkinville the WNY staple it is.

As Pumpkinville’s regulars know, every year there’s something new to see, and this year will be no different.

For starters, a new pedal car track will soon be installed in the area in front of the corn maze.

“The cars will have a tractor theme,” said Dan.

The cars bear a resemblance to dune buggies with pedals to move. The idea came from a convention the couple attended, where they meet with other owners of similar operations across the country.

“It’s a great place to share best practices and get new ideas,” he said.

While at the 2014 convention, the Pawlowskis also made contact with a professional corn maze company, based in Utah, who designed their 2014 Corn Maize. This year’s maze promises to be even more challenging and more fun!

“The maze has more paths and is a lot more complex than in the past,” Diane said.

The maze is sponsored by WYRK, whose name and logo appears in the maze when viewing it from above. (If you brave a helicopter ride, be sure to check it out!)

Another addition is a huge new food service building near the parking lot. The former barbecue pit and ice cream stand were replaced with one large structure.

“This will really streamline our food service and help with the flow in this area,” Diane pointed out.

Of course, anyone who knows Pumpkinville knows that photo ops are abundant, and the numerous wooden cutouts are always a fun and must-see part of a visit.

This year, Pumpkinville has a new giant pumpkin that kids can go into and pose next to — imagine the possibilities!

Even without all this year’s upgrades, Pumpkinville has tons to offer visitors! Last year, they installed two huge jumping pillows that were a big hit for both kids and adults. The air-filled trampoline-like “pillows” are built right into the ground and resemble bounce houses with no walls.

Old favorites, like the cow train, hayrides and singing chicken show will also remain on site.

And don’t forget the pumpkins! Although it’s hard to nail down a number as to how many pumpkins they grow and sell each year, the Pawlowskis say it’s “thousands and thousands” of them, in all different shapes and sizes. A pick-your-own pumpkin patch is situated near the Jumping Pillows, and the huge display of grab-and-go pumpkins sits in the food area.

And, of course, there’s the food! Apples, maple products, BBQ, kettle corn, sweets, treats and almost anything you can imagine will all be yours for the taking in the elaborate food service and vendor area front and center at Pumpkinville. Add in pumpkins as far as the eye can see and you’ve got yourself a full day of family fun and getting into the spirit of fall!

“No one has a cooler job than us, and we feel very fortunate to be part of this region,” Dan said.

Mark your calendar for Pumpkinville’s opening day on Sept. 13! For more information, visit www.pumpkinville.com.