By Caitlin Croft

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board (VPB) opened with a motion to approve the September 2017 minutes. There was a second and they were approved.

The first item on the agenda was the application for SP-2017-13, an awning sign to be placed over the door at 8 Washington Street. This is for the Law Office of John C. Nelson. It will be 5’ x 3.5’ square feet and 6.5’ above the step. It will be dome-shaped with lettering on the front not to exceed 8”. There will be two colors and it will be made of canvas. All conditions have been met and there is no public hearing necessary just the application. The canopy will keep in style with aesthetic of the building. There was a motion to grant the sign permit for the awning with the given conditions: the light under the awning will point downward and the canvas will not be translucent. There was a second and the permit was approved.

Next, was the wall sign for PB-2017-12 to be on the façade of 24 Monroe Street, the new Public House of Ellicottville. There were a few concerns with the new sign and during the work session this month, what the VPB asked for was changed. The current piece of metal signage on the building will be repurposed with vinyl lettering “Public House.” It will use the black metal as a border. There was a motion to approve with the condition that all applicable standards will be met; there was a second and the wall sign was approved.

In new business, there was discussion on the application for a Special Use Permit for PB-2017-13, an ATM at 38 Washington Street. This is a Special Permit for an accessory use of a walk-up ATM. It will have the footprint of an ATM Kiosk. The applicant was not in attendance to speak about the Permit Application. For the signage, it will only have “ATM” at the top of the kiosk. Any further signage will be monitored and a decision on what permits will be needed will be handled by the Code Enforcement Officer. This is a Type 2 Action under the State Environmental Quality Review. There was a motion to set a Public Hearing for Dec. 12 at 5:30 p.m. with the following conditions: All fees are paid, and a survey is produced along with a copy of the approved site plan. There is question if it takes up a parking spot. There was a second to the motion and the Public Hearing was set.

Last, there was a Zoning Amendment Update. There had come into question what zoning laws had been filed with the state. The Village Planner is now aware of this and has a starting point. There are questions regarding amendments such as, reduction in maximum heights, maximums on accessory buildings and floor to area ratio and the land use table. The Village Board has asked the Planning Board to handle and draft proposed changes.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be held at the Village Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 12, 2017.