By Jennie Acklin

Phil Vogt and Neil Rinard of C.J. Wallace Engineering of Bradford, PA made a presentation of the “Valley Flats” apartment complex to the Ellicottville Town Planning Board during a work session / pre-application process.

Vogt’s project proposes two multi-family apartment structures, with each building consisting of six units, approximately 1,200 sq. ft. for each apartment, plus garages, just west of the Routes 242/219 intersection.

“It’s been my vision for a while, building them to rent year-round,” said Vogt. “They are planned to be 12 month leases.”

Town Planner Gary Palumbo pointed out that the “Valley Flats” name has been previously submitted on a different project some years ago, and may be confusing for the building inspector, even though the project never materialized. Vogt said that he’ll take that into consideration, and come back to the planning board with a name.

Parking spaces, parking lot lighting, property easements, landscaping plans and driveways through the properties were discussed, as well as  zoning requirement details relating to those topics.

A title search is also being done, which will hopefully resolve any easement concerns with the two neighboring properties.

Planning board members also commented on the architectural style of the proposed buildings, and even though they do not have design input or approval powers,  Vogt and Rinard were both open to reviewing the designs.

“My goal is to build it so it’s very attractive. We try to make it look great,” said Vogt. A discussion about colors, building materials and design features followed.

Since this was only a pre-application review, there was no further action required of the planning board. Once a final application is submitted, the next steps of the approval process will begin.