Single family homes in walkable community 

By Daniel Meyer

Excitement is building for a new housing development in Ellicottville that promises to offer property owners a “walkable community” atmosphere for those interested in building either a year-round home or a seasonal residence.

Sprague Development has made significant progress over the past few months preparing 19 parcels to be used for single-family homes, addressing logistical issues that include gaining access to utilities and other preliminary arrangements that must be made before the lots can be sold and construction can begin.

The property is located on the west side of Fillmore Street and is adjacent to the Ellicottville Square building on Bristol Lane, which houses several businesses, services, and Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza and Bowling.

“I am really excited with how this project is moving along,” said Kody Sprague of Sprague Development. “I have received tremendous interest over the past few weeks and I anticipate we will be able to get some of the lots sold in the very near future. We will then probably see the building process beginning by the middle to the end of September for some of these brand new homes.”

Sprague believes what makes this project unique for potential property owners is the ability homeowners will have to walk to all the many retail and dining options in the heart of the village.

“The village is a walkable community and that is what has some people really excited.  People want to live where they can just go out the door and take a walk into town to get what they want, as opposed to having to get in their car every time they need something,” said Sprague.

Sprague is still finalizing details on the prices for each individual parcel, but believes he has identified his target market for the 19 lots.

“This will be perfect for someone looking for a year-round residence in Ellicottville and wants to make a good investment with a new build in a great community,” said Sprague. “It is also ideal for those seeking a second home and a seasonal place they can look forward to visiting at certain points of the year. These will be properties that people will proudly own and truly take great pride in maintaining. I think what we are establishing is an ideal neighborhood that is just a really nice fit for Ellicottville.”

Concrete sidewalks along Fillmore Street that run the length of each property that will be constructed by Sprague Development are among the features that will intrigue potential buyers. Another aesthetically-pleasing novelty are the “rain gardens” that will be located between the sidewalks and the individual parcels. These attractive areas will be installed instead of retention ponds to manage water runoff.

“The rain gardens are an architectural and landscaping feature that will look really sharp and provide well-designed landscaping to help enhance the look of the area,” explained Sprague.

Sprague plans to continue enhancing the development area through the rest of August and into September before entering negotiations with potential property owners.

“What I encourage people to do is just give me a call or send me an e-mail if they are interested and I will be happy to share with them more specifics about what we will be offering and get more into the nuts and bolts of what parcels are available and the final price for each of them,” said Sprague. “People have been great so far and are providing feedback already, so I look forward to discussing this and helping them along through the process.”

For more information, please call Sprague at (716) 258-0613 or email him at