$1.8 TAP Application Submitted • Alan Brown’s $4K Bike Donated to Raffle

By Jennie Acklin

The Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail Committee is making great strides in the creation of a safe and accessible trail for the community and visitors. On June 11, 2014, the committee submitted a $1.8 million TAP application to NYSDOT’s Region 5.

The vision of the EVGV Trail Committee is to create a walking/biking trail system in the Ellicottville and Great Valley community that will expand transportation and provide a safe, accessible trail for walkers and bikers to connect the many destinations in our year-round resort community.

The planned trail will offer an alternative travel mode, avoid peak-season parking congestion, and link the Ellicottville Central School to the Ellicottville Library, the Village Park and the Ellicottville Town Center. This route will increase the transportation options local residents and visitors can use to include safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities that link all of the activity centers in the Ellicottville area.

The long-range scope of the trail system envisioned by the EVGV Master Plan entails more than 14 miles of fully paved, non-motorized trails for bikes and pedestrians.

The first and second phase of the Ellicottville Great Valley Trail is comprised of sections connecting the village sidewalk network and thereby the entire Village Central Business District with the Ellicottville School to the south and to the Town Center, Village Park and Nannen Arboretum to the north.

The first phase of the Ellicottville Great Valley Trail is a 0.8-mile long, 10-foot-wide multi-use trail linking the Ellicottville Central School to the existing sidewalk beginning at Holiday Valley Road.

The second phase of the EVGV Trail will pick up from the safe and comfortable Village of Ellicottville street and sidewalk network at the corner of Elk and Mechanic Streets. This section of multi-use trail will link up to the Village Park, the library by way of the Village Park using existing travel ways, the Town Center and the Nannen Arboretum.

The committee, with support from the Town of Ellicottville, Town of Great Valley and the Village of Ellicottville, has made it their mission to develop and construct a multi-use trail for those looking to use active forms of transportation to improve their health and fitness in a safe, traffic-free environment while enjoying the more moderate terrain of the scenic countryside.

This project will be implemented over a number of years in a number of phases. The EVGV Committee has taken an overall look at the area, evaluating the opportunities for, and obstacles to the envisioned trail system. The committee engaged a landscape architect, Rick Manning of Rick Manning Landscape Architecture of Ithaca, N.Y, an experienced trail planner, to study the area with the ultimate goal of preparing a Master Plan for the EVGV Trail. This Master Plan, which has been completed, is a critical component of the planning process and has allowed for an organized and sequential approach to developing the trail system in phases.

Bicycle Raffle

Many locals were deeply saddened by the news that our community lost Alan Brown in May this year. Alan was an avid mountain biker and his family decided to honor his love of biking by donating his ride to the EVGV Trail. Preliminary plans are being made to hold a raffle for the $4,000 bike, with funds to be used for the EVGV Trail. A possible kickoff for the raffle could be at the benefit concert scheduled for July 19, 2014, to honor WNY Heroes as a memorial to Alan Brown (see complete benefit article on page 3). Dennis Baldwin, owner of Bike N Bean in Ellicottville, has offered to display the bike and to sell raffle tickets through the summer. Once the details of the raffle have been finalized, posters and ads will be made available.

For more information about the trail or to make a donation, please contact Ken Hinman at (716) 474-8214, John Burrell (716) 699-2100, Jennie Acklin at (716) 699-4062, Kathleen Moriarty (716) 699-2355, Kate O’Striker (716) 699-2377, ext. 122, or Mark Alianello (716) 699-4650. Keep in touch on the trail’s Facebook page at