By Eva Potter

Monroe Street will transform into a stunt riding course on Saturday and Sunday, June 7–8, when Chris Clark, a professional stunt cyclist, arrives in Ellicottville.

The weekend, which is filled with road and mountain bike riding events, includes Clark’s technical mountain bike performance loaded with tricks and obstacles. Three, 30-minute shows — free to the public — will take place both days in the village on the northern side of Monroe Street, which will be closed to traffic.

Clark, who has entertained crowds at the Gravity Games, the Vans Warped Tour, the New York Times Square Parade and the Olympic Games, is a dedicated professional stunt cyclist with over a decade of experience.

His Athletes Who Say NO program is designed “to inspire children to find an active, healthy passion and use their desire to constantly improve as a means for keeping their lives on track, making healthy decisions and surrounding themselves with like-minded friends.”

“Cycling was my means of transportation growing up as it is for most kids. I used to try and just get over the biggest, craziest obstacles,” said Clark. “As my riding has developed, I have become more focused on trying to smoothly ride obstacles. So, this means no hopping in place to keep your balance, using full pedal strokes, and keeping momentum.”

During Clark’s educational portion of the show, sponsored by Bell, he stresses helmet and sports safety, the importance of having an active hobby, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and finding friends who share an active  lifestyle.

You won’t want to miss the exciting demonstration portion of this event. It’s not your ordinary ramp and tricks stunt exhibition. When you come to Clark’s show, you’ll see this talented cyclist use years of intense training, agility and balance as he slowly works his way up to some impressively large obstacles, including his 8-foot-tall trailer.

“It’s an exciting show, even if you aren’t a bike riding enthusiast. It’s definitely something most people haven’t seen and probably didn’t know was possible on a bike,” said Clark.

Clark’s high-energy stunts and skills translate well to the technical and challenging mountain biking terrain found on Ellicottville’s epic trail network, which includes a variety of trails with plenty of rocks, steeps, rocks and other gnarly obstacles.

Brave audience members even have a chance to get involved in the show, but you’ll have to come and see for yourself. No spoilers here.

Still not sold? If you need a good reason to come to the show, this one is it.

“After the show, I give away free autograph cards and each card enters you to win my $4,000 bike at the end of the season!” said Clark.

The Ellicottville show is sponsored by Wingate by Wyndham and the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce.

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