By Caitlin Croft

The June meeting of the Ellicottville Town Board opened with approving the minutes from last month. There was a motion to accept; a second and ayes carried. Next, there was a motion to pay the town bills on Distribution Report #06-2018; there was a second and ayes carried.

Supervisors Report

Town Supervisor Matthew McAndrew gave updates on the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Grant recently submitted to Empire State Development (ESD).

“We should hear soon; a priority list of projects has been submitted for review as well now,” he said. This grant would help revitalize the corridor from Route 219 to the village and on Route 242 from the village to Holiday Valley Road.

Next, McAndrew discussed the Intermunicipal Water Contracts the Town has with the Village. He asked new Town Engineer Niles Pierson to consult with Mark Alienello, former Town Engineer, and work out any changes. McAndrew stressed the importance of getting this agreement finalized with the Village. Last, there was a motion to accept the Supervisor’s Report; there was a second and ayes carried.

There was a motion to accept the Clerk’s, Justices’, Building Inspector’s, Planner’s and Police Reports; a second and ayes carried.

Police Report

Officer Don Auge advised the new officer Jesse Barber is continuing to work out great and has been an asset to the department. He is impressed with his work ethic and his employment has made scheduling much more efficient.

Engineering Department

Pierson advised the new smart television has been installed in the conference room of the Town/Village Hall. This addition will increase the functionality of the space. The OSHA 10-hour training was completed and most members of the municipality were in attendance.

The new intern has been hired. The job was awarded to Callahan Hughes, a recent graduate of The University at Buffalo. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and Pierson has assigned him a handful of projects including a Road Replacement Plan and Energy Consumption Review.

Regarding the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Grant, Pierson advised the project to qualify must have less than a 20 year pay back. The project that best fits these parameters would be to redo the lighting in the Town/Village Hall and Town/Village Buildings. There was a motion to allow Pierson to sign for this project; a second and ayes carried.

Highway Department

Pierson presented a proposal to purchase a 2019 Ford F-550 with snow plow equipment. The cost is $114,000.00 and comes in at about $20,000.00 under budget. There was a motion to approve the purchase; a second and ayes carried.

New Business

There was a motion to set the Public Hearing on the Tax Cap; there was a second and ayes carried. The Tax Cap allows the town to raise taxes over the allowed limit. This is precautionary as in years past it has not been necessary to go over the allowed limit. There was a motion to set the park program wages, counselors at minimum wage and the assistant at $11.50 per hour; there was a second and ayes carried. 


A letter was received regarding Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Fredrickson’s ability to now prosecute code violations.

Last before the meeting was adjourned, there was discussion regarding the Town Infrastructure. McAndrew advised the board is doing what they can and have letters in to County and State Officials. He urges the public to write to our County and State Officials about the conditions of the roadways as well.

There was a motion to adjourn; a second and ayes carried.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be on July 18 at 6 p.m. at the Town/Village Hall.