The following is from the GoFundMe page:

On Saturday, Sept. 23, Caedon went to his Cattaraugus County Midget Football League game as he did every other game of the season.  This game was just like the rest, and so very different at the same time. With approximately 4:00 minutes remaining in the game, Caedon was placed in concussion protocol after nausea overcame him.  As that symptom continued to worsen over the next few minutes, he was taken to Springville ER by ambulance to be assessed.

Caedon was conscious, speaking, and stable and passed concussion protocol. He was observed by several coaches, an EMT and ER staff; however, the CAT scan results told another story.  Caeden was suffering from a subdural hematoma and needed immediate care.  Mercy Flight arrived within the hour and brought him to a team of neurosurgeons at Buffalo Women’s and Children’s hospital for the appropriate observation and treatment plan.

After days of observation and ever-changing symptoms, Caedon reached a point where the symptoms were no longer just to be observed.  After four days, on Sept. 27, something had to be done to relieve the pain and worsening symptoms.  Caedon was rushed into emergency brain surgery to remove the clot and place a subdural drain to continue the release of pressure from fluids.

Recovery is hour by hour and as of press time, Caeden remains in the PICU.

It’s important to the family for everyone to know that this was just one of those things.  The injury was caused by a regular play: a standard tackle- no unnecessary roughness, no helmet-to-helmet hit.  Every precautionary measure was followed as written and the CCMFL has rallied behind their boy.

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