By Caitlin Croft

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board (PB) was held on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at the Village/Town Hall.

Two concerned village homeowners addressed the PB about their notification system to adjoining property owners where a project is occurring. For Public Hearings, the PB must give the homeowners a 10-day notification. Because a majority of the village is secondary homeowners, they feel this is not enough time to find out about the project, do research, travel to Ellicottville and give their opinion. The PB was grateful for the comments and concerns, and are considering ways to create better processes and advised they have been working in conjunction with the Village Board to find solutions.

The Architectural Review and Landscape Plan for the project on the Mill Street Project was approved. They have added a new window to the home and these plans were presented to the PB at this month’s work session. The new window creates a more symmetrical look and enhances overall aesthetic. Construction is expected to start on the first building with the other two to be built in spring 2017.

In old business, there has been a modification to the Architectural Review of 22 Elizabeth Street. At the October 2016 meeting of the PB, they asked that the doors at 22 Elizabeth be replaced. A new door drawing was submitted to the PB and they have approved it on the condition they see a rendering of the correct style of custom doors to be installed. Each new door will measure 3 feet x 9 feet and have no hardware on the exterior.

The PB also asked that the trim around east and west windows and new doors be changed to 4 inches on three sides, and 6 inches on the bottom. The PB is allowing the homeowner to change the material they are using on their garage to another allowable material. This will have the home and garage match for an overall better aesthetic.

The conditions of the approval for 35 W. Washington that were addressed in a special meeting of the PB in October 2016 have been met.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016.