Begins Review of Two Fillmore Developments 

By Jann Wiswall

Following public hearings on the matter, the Village Planning Board approved on Oct. 14 the application for a special use permit to “operate a new restaurant in an existing commercial building” and the application for a site plan amendment “to alter the previously approved site plan for parking expansion and building addition.”

The special use permit for the Armor Inn restaurant in the Village Centre property at East Washington and Mill streets in its current physical space was approved after months of review and community input. The restaurant will open before ski season and plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days per week.

Changes to the original site plan for the entire development were approved with several conditions. Those conditions require the property owner, Ellicott Development, to add trees and a 6-foot, stockade-type fence along the rear parking lot to shield the shopping center from adjacent residential properties. It also must make adjustments to exterior lights.

A proposed 705-square-foot addition cannot be approved by the planning board until a State Department of Environmental Conservation certification for construction on a floodway can be obtained. That certification is pending approval of the area’s new FEMA flood plain maps, which should take effect in February 2015.

Issues with the driveway that is under a lease agreement between Ellicott Development and the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) also were discussed. For some customers of the shopping center, the driveway appears to be an alternative exit/entrance to the parking area. In fact, it is intended solely for CCIDA use. The planning board and Bill Paladino, CEO of Ellicott Development, felt that most problems can be solved with signage. Paladino will return with a signage plan for planning board approval.

1887 Building Site Plan

John Northrup and Krog Development submitted an application for a site plan review of the proposed reuse of Ellicottville’s iconic 1887 Building for condominiums. As Northrup explained to the planning board, the village attorney required the review in order to make legal a land swap with the village (see Village Board story, front page). The planning board approved the application as presented. No exterior changes are planned except to replace a door and remove the rear addition, which is not a part of the historic structure.

Incidentally, Northrup reported that asbestos abatement in the building is underway.

Fillmore Housing Developments

Two new housing developments on the east and west sides of Fillmore Drive between East Washington and Parkside Drive are under review by the planning board.

Owners of the east side property, known as the Glendale Development, LLC, propose to construct nine townhouse buildings with 18 units. The owners presented a preliminary site plan for the “master planned development,” which currently is being reviewed by Village Engineer Mike Smith. Once Smith’s comments are received, the planning board can begin the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process and schedule a public hearing.

Sprague Development, owner of the property on the west side of Fillmore adjacent to the Ellicottville Square building, proposes to develop the land for a 19-lot subdivision of single-family homes. The preliminary plat plan for the “major subdivision” also is under review by Smith. Further consideration by the planning board was tabled until those comments are received.

According to Jason Paananen, of Nussbaumer & Clarke, Smith is primarily concerned about the dual sewer lines that will service both properties. Paananen said sidewalks on both sides of Fillmore will be required.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the Town/Village Hall.