By Jann Wiswall

At the June 23, 2014, meeting of the Ellicottville Town Planning Board, the board approved a request from Maples Road residents Rodney and Marlene Sergel to subdivide their farm. The Sergels are selling 10 acres of their 115-acre property.

In his review of the request, Ellicottville Town Engineer Mark Alianello noticed other property transfers within the original property over the years had left a small parcel that needs to be reintegrated into the Sergel’s parcel and that a few other loose ends need to be tied up. During its SEQR review, the board determined that there is no environmental impact related to the subdivision.

The board approved the request with two conditions: 1) that a shed on the property be moved to no less than 25 feet from the new parcel’s property line, and 2) that the small parcel be merged with the “parent” parcel. A new plat map, which was unavailable at the meeting, will be signed by Ellicottville Town Planning Board Chair Sis Signore upon receipt.

In other business, Andy Gow, an engineer with Nussbaumer & Clarke, attended the meeting to provide the board with an update on the status of plans for Gestion Blueberry Lake, a vacation community being developed off Poverty Hill Road. Gow said that, while final plans are not yet available, he was able to show the board that requested adjustments to lot lines have been made and all lots are now a minimum of 5 acres. He also said that, as a result of board concerns, additional efforts are being made to address storm water drainage.

The board asked some additional questions about storm water management, whether the turning radius of switchbacks are suitable for emergency vehicles and other questions.

Gow said he hopes to be able to present final plans at the July meeting.

Alianello said that he had met with Carl Calarco, the contractor managing the Glen Burn Trail development, to discuss revising the town’s easement along the development’s property to accommodate the East Tank water project. The new easement provides more space for better water line placement. Calarco provided the board with a new easement plat, which the board approved. Alianello said the town is working on getting many other easements for the project.

Finally, Alianello reported that the New York State Department of Transportation has approved the town’s request to install “No Standing” signs along Route 219 south between the intersection of Route 242 and 580 feet to the north. The town requested the signs to prevent large trucks from parking along Route 219 to visit the Tim Hortons restaurant. The NYDOT agreed that the truck parking is a vehicle and pedestrian safety issue.

The next meeting of the Ellicottville Town Planning Board will be held on July 28 at 6 p.m. at the Village/Town Hall.