By Caitlin Croft

At the first Village Planning Board meeting of the year, there was only one item on the agenda: the final approval of the signage to be placed on and around the M&T Bank new location. There are a total of nine signs that will be put up. The PB approved three signs for the façade of building. After revisions to the original plans, all three signs will be fewer than three colors. This was approved as of the Jan. 5, 2017 revision.

Three of the signs are less than 32 square feet (the village maximum) and will be approved by Code Enforcement Officer Tom Abriatis.

The last three signs that were approved pertain to the ATM Kiosk and directional signs. The wrap-around the kiosk will be four colors and was approved as of the Jan. 5, 2017 revisions.

Two directional signs will be constructed—one for the ATM kiosk and the other for an entrance sign. Both were approved based on the Jan. 5, 2017 revisions with the condition the M&T logo is removed from the ATM directional sign and landscaping is placed around and under the sign.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board is Feb. 14, 2017 at the Village Hall.