Puppeteers-Kamala-and-Don-KruszkaOmnipresent Puppet Theater of Bakersfield, CA, will present “Gumshoe McMonocle and the Strange Case of Rumpelsomething,” at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, August 3rd, at the Ellicottville Memorial Library.

As part of the summer reading challenge Dig Into Reading, the library is encouraging

families to dig through the clues of a good old-fashioned puppet mystery.  The 45-minute performance based on the story of Rumpelstiltskin is recommended for children in kindergarten or older.

Characters represent the good, the bad and the clueless, as a queen hires a detective to find out the name of the man who wants to take her son. The action-packed drama is performed in the fashion of classic detective thrillers of the 1940s.

Omnipresent Puppet Theater is operated by Don and Kamala Kruszka. As head puppeteer, Don brings 20 years of professional experience to his work of writing the scripts, building the puppets, and performing the shows. His wife, Kamala,who holds a master of fine arts degree in theatre education from Arizona State University, prepares outreach and study materials.

The company is affiliated with the Puppeteers of America, Inc., which he has served as a trustee and she as a past regional director and manager of the Puppetry Store.

Since its founding in 2003 in Phoenix, Omnipresent has gained a reputation for excellence in family and school entertainment. Audiences praise the immediacy of their live performances, literature-based scripts, and handcrafted puppets.  For more information, contact the Ellicottville Memorial Library at 699-2842.