By Jalee Evans, ECS Elementary Student Correspondent

This past Tuesday, Ellicottville Central School held the annual Odyssey of the Mind tryouts. Students in grades 4 and 5 are nominated by their teachers to see who will go to the tryouts. Students that are in grades 6-12 get the choice to sign up for try outs. This is a great opportunity for students of all ages to show off their creativity and knowledge.

During tryouts, the students listen to the coaches’ “problems” and pick which one they will likely succeed at and enjoy trying to solve.

Then, the students are in teams of usually seven other kids and try to make a skit out of the problem. For example, if your problem is to send messages from one end of something to the other, you can create a tube to send the messages. The skit has to be less than eight minutes long.

First, the kids perform in the Regional Competition and if they get a high enough score, they go on to State Competition, and finally World Competition. Last year there were five teams, and Mrs. Keller’s high school team made it to the World Competition!

This year’s elementary coaches are Mrs. Laurie Caldwell and Mrs. Caitlin Keller. The teams will be chosen by Thanksgiving so that the students will get to work. Wish them luck!