Kenia is about 10 years old. We don’t really know her age, because she has no idea when she was born. She has never gone to school and this sweet little girl has no connection to any family. I’m so glad she is now safe in Nana’s House!

Child Protective Services is investigating her situation and is making a trip to the state where she claims to be from. It is by far the most mysterious case we have ever encountered. The important thing is that she is safe with us and is welcome to stay as long she needs refuge.

I was on my way to Alaska when I learned about 11-year-old Juan Carlos, who was being held in an adult prison in Mexico. I received a call from Maya, one of our pastors in Bucerias, who notified me that they had rescued him. Four days later, he ran away! Child Protective Services found him and brought Juan Carlos to us. He has been in Nana’s House for over a month. He’s adjusting and thriving. He’s learning to read and write and finally has hope for a bright future.

There are very few — if any — orphanages that will accept teens in Nayarit, Mexico. Often, when a child who has lived in an orphanage becomes a teenager, they are forced to leave. We are fighting some big battles lately, but we won’t give up! These teens are worth the effort.

Thank you so much for supporting what we are doing in Nana’s House. So many good things are happening and we can’t do it without you.

Founded in 2008, Nana’s House consists of three wonderful homes that enjoy the privilege of seeing lost and rejected kids turned into world changers. More at

7-4-14 or 7-11-14 Image - Juan Carlos - goes with Nana's House article
These are our beautiful children from Nana’s House in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Juan Carlos is in yellow shirt in middle.