By Caitlin Croft

The Ellicottville Town Board opened with the approval of the March 2018 Minutes. There was a motion to approve; second and it was approved.

Audit of Claims: There was a motion to pay Town Bills on the Distribution Report #04-2018; a second and the motion was approved.

Supervisor’s Report: Town Supervisor Matt McAndrew attended the Cattaraugus County Supervisors Meeting. It was well attended and many new Supervisors were there. Regarding the Broadband work throughout the county, the majority of the work is going to Armstrong. Windmill and Solar Farms were discussed and a few are interested. The County will be issuing the census for any municipalities that are not issuing their own. Ellicottville is not issuing their own. There has been no news on the Cattaraugus County Shared Services Agreement from the State. McAndrew will be attending the State Financial Meeting May 10 and 11 at Holiday Valley. The Downtown Revitalization Initiative Meetings were a great success and the McAndrew thanked the public for the input. There were 80+ in attendance and over 800 responses from the survey. This is a bigger turn out that some larger towns in Erie County.

There was a motion to accept the March 2018 Financial Report; a second and it was approved. Next there was a motion to approve the Annual Update Document – 2017 Year End; there was a second and it was approved.

Engineer’s Report: New Town/Village Engineer Niles Pierson presented his four phase organizational plan and his budget for the LGE Grant.

Phase 1: Observe and understand current processes and procedures along with roles of all employees within the municipality. Cultivate monthly town engineering meetings as to better facilitate communication.

Phase 2: The Foundation: Implement a better IT infrastructure which would allow for file sharing and better access of documents between necessary parties. Update the second floor of the Department of Public Works Building to serve as a work space for meetings and planning. Develop new and enhance current processes and procedures.

Phase 3: Implementation: Implement new processes and procedures formulated in Phase 2. Finishing the inventory of assets project.

Phase 4: To Continuously Improve and Adapt: Explore shared services with other municipalities once the department is functioning as a good department.

There was a motion to accept the Department Organizational Plan and Budget for the LGE Grant Money; there was a second and it was approved.

One of the board members asked a question regarding the joining of the Town and Village Water System and if this is something that should be pursued. Engineer replied yes, this is something that is a good idea and would make day to day practices much more streamline for the employees. The Supervisor asked for a plan and timeline of a potential roll out of combining services and advised resources for him to use.

Next, there was an update on the GIS/GPS Locating Project; it is going well and they are almost done with the Village.

There was a bid opening for the Dave Golley Dr. Culvert. The low bidder and winner of the project is Lakelands Concrete in the amount of $62,536.00.  There was a motion to accept the bid; there was a second and it was accepted. Jigger Stokes has decided to continue working as he was set to retire in October 2018. This is great news for the Town as he will be able to continue training others.

Highway Department Report: The Board was asked to approve $163,161.00 to be spent on Coal Mix for Crane and Dooley Roads to be updated. This project is in the 2018 budget and comes in at almost $40,000 under budget. There was a motion to approve; a second and it was approved.

There is an inventory of signs being conducted as State regulations are changing requiring all street signage to be double reflective.

The Town sold an old police vehicle for $3,275.00 and a 2007 International Paystar Truck for $17,600.00

New Business: Town services have been given to the Nannen Arboretum to help dispose of fallen branches. There will be three public clean up days: Friday, April 27, Saturday, May 12, and Thursday, May 17; 9 a.m. – noon each of the days.

The Cemetery Mowing Bids were all in and it was awarded to D.J.’s Lawn Service & Snowplowing LLC. There was a motion to accept the bid; a second and it was accepted.

The Town Board asked the Town Planning Board for Zoning Amendments regarding Electronic Signs. The final amendments were completed at the March 2018 meeting of the Planning Board and there was a motion to set the Public Hearing for the May 16 meeting at 6 p.m.; a second and the Public Hearing has been set.

The Town has been presented an opportunity to lock in gas rates for the next two years. This will include a shared services credit as well. There was a motion to accept this gas rate; a second and it was accepted.

There were two errors in the most recent water readings, this was due to an error in the calculation and not the physical readings of the meters. There was a motion to approve the credits; a second and they were approved.

Old Business: The Ellicottville/Great Valley Trail has recently had a couple of setbacks with owners of property the trail would cover. There is a meat raffle scheduled at the American Legion for the trail on June 10.

The next meeting of the Ellicottville Town Board will be May 16 at 6 p.m. at the Town/Village Hall.