ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. – Nothing feels better than to have others speak well about you. That’s exactly what’s happening here, in Ellicottville. The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, with the assistance of our public relations company, has pitched story lines to media organizations on both sides of the border that have produced stories highlighting much of what makes Ellicottville so hard to leave.

With two recent pieces in the regional publication, Buffalo Spree, and travel writers coming into the area on a regular basis, Ellicottville is getting more and more attention. Some talk about Ellicottville has even made its way to the Canadian Midwest province of Saskatchewan.

Now, the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce is giving everyone the ability to see what the buzz is all about. The chamber website, www.Ellicottvilleny.com, will take visitors to all of the digital stories. Simply look for the ENN, Ellicottville News Network, logo and block on the left side of the blocks, under the slideshow. Click on it and it will take you to a page full of what others have to say about Ellicottville, going back to 2011.

“When people are looking for someplace to go they want to know what others that have visited the area have to say about it,” Chamber Executive Director Brian McFadden said. “It’s time to share what others have said about Ellicottville with everyone, so others can share in the pride we have for Ellicottville.”

Press coverage of everything from fall festivals, girls’ getaways, even food and fun in the après fun that is Ellicottville. Be sure to check the site often to find out what the buzz is about Ellicottville.