Watch for New Traffic Patterns

By Jann Wiswall

Visitors to Holiday Valley will immediately notice that Holiday Valley Road has changed and driving to the resort, its parking lots and beyond is a little different now.

As you travel from Rt. 219 toward the resort, the new traffic pattern will take you off to the right on what was formerly Deer Crossing Rd. across from the Tamarack Club, loop up and around a three-tier parking area and return to the original Holiday Valley Road. If you’re parking, you’ll enter at the third tier and exit at the first tier. The new route is clearly marked.

But why all the changes?

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the resort recognized some 20 years ago that the road eventually would need to be rerouted for pedestrian safety reasons, not to mention parking convenience and congestion relief.

Until now, pedestrians carrying all their gear had to walk across a major thoroughfare to get to the lodge and other main areas of the resort. It could be a bit tricky, both for pedestrians and drivers trying to access parking areas or travel on to other lodges and homes.

And so, in the spring, construction began and on October 6, the new road was opened to some fanfare and celebration in recognition of the project that involved both Holiday Valley staff and the Town of Ellicottville’s board, engineers, highway superintendents and others through various administrations.

It is important to note that Holiday Valley, throughout the process, met the stringent requirements of the town. According to the resort, “Holiday Valley was responsible for all aspects of the construction, including design, engineering, permitting, construction and inspection. Northrup Construction of Ellicottville was the general contractor and MDA Engineering provided the engineering plans. The total cost to Holiday Valley for the 2/3-mile road was $1.1 million.”

Because the original roadway was owned and maintained by the town, the ribbon cutting ceremony also had an official purpose. Holiday Valley officially “dedicated” the new road to the town, which will continue to plow and maintain it.

And, as town Supervisor John Burrell explained, “in exchange for this new road, we the Town are giving Holiday Valley [the] old well-used road” in front of the main lodge area.

Burrell noted that “This ribbon cutting is the culmination of a joint project that started 20 years ago. Win-Sum and the town have worked on this together through three Town Supervisors. The project has been completed at no cost to the Town of Ellicottville taxpayers.

“Today, the Town has accepted this beautiful new highway. This is a great deal for the Town. It is state of the art and much safer. Not only does it serve one of our community’s great resorts, it serves our Town residential taxpayers who live on Holiday Valley Road, Upper Road and Buchan Ridge Road. On behalf of the Town, I want to thank Dennis [Eshbaugh, Holiday Valley’s president] and Win-Sum for this great new road.”

By next spring, the existing road in front of the lodge, administration and operations buildings will be removed and replaced with more parking and a wide area with steps, grassy areas and landscaping leading to the main lodge. More work is also needed on the arrival area and bus drop off.