Board Meeting Pic530

By Jennie Acklin

Mayor John Burrell opened the Sept. 11 meeting with two “Good News” items: the first being an approved County-wide Shared Services Plan, which is being sent to Albany for the Governor’s initiative mandate. A 44-member panel of mayors and town supervisors worked on the 100+ page document over the last six months.

Secondly, the Village of Ellicottville received $90,674.60 from Cattaraugus County for its share of sales tax distribution. The amount is down approximately 2 percent from last year.

Chris and Brenda Perks were in attendance to request a zoning change for a building they are considering for their plans of a skateboard park / recreation area on Park Avenue. They have submitted an application and a preliminary site plan rendering. The Village Board referred the request to the Village Planning Board (see story page  8).  There will be a public hearing on the zoning change request, scheduled for Oct. 16 at 6 p.m.  According to Brenda Perks, “The idea is to offer office space and apartment rentals in addition to a skateboard park.”


Twenty-two applications for the position of Town/Villager Engineer have been received, with five interviews completed. A list of three potential candidates will be receiving requests for a second interview.  According to board member Greg Cappelli, “We have a couple of candidates that could do a good job.”

Kelly Frederickson presented his first official report as Code Enforcement Officer. He was appointed as the new Code Enforcement Officer effective Sept. 1, and duties will also include building inspector responsibilities. Focus has been primarily on the annual inspections of hotels, restaurants and places of public gatherings. “Occupancy load signs have been the biggest issue,” according to Frederickson. The truck previously used by Tom Abriatis was purchased by the Village of Ellicottville, and has a new Ellicottville Code Enforcement sign on it as well.

Village Benches

There are currently 55 memorial benches placed throughout the village, with requests for at least three more new benches. Over the summer, the village DPW crew and the Lions Club of Springville have replaced the aging wood on all the benches with new tight-knotted cedar wood. The board is currently working on a new bench contract so that the issue of perpetuity can be addressed with persons purchasing memorial benches. According to Burrell, some of the memorial benches are over 25 years old, and prior to this summer’s work,  the wood slats have never been replaced, leaving some in disrepair.

Cattaraugus County Baseball Project Update

The Village of Ellicottville has received  $57,750 for the youth baseball field at the Village Park. Burrell stated that the project will be put out for bids.

In the April 2017 meeting of the Cattaraugus County Board of Legislators, $600,000 was granted to the Olean Business Development Corp. for “repair, maintenance and upgrade of youth baseball fields in the towns of Allegany, Ellicottville, Franklinville and Portville, and the cities of Olean and Salamanca, designated for tournament play.” Additionally, $50,000 will be allocated for other youth baseball fields located within Cattaraugus County.

Mark Chudy appointed as interim DPW Foreman

Due to the retirement of Harold Morton as DPW Superintendent last month, Mark Chudy will be filling in as interim foreman. He has worked for the village for the past 11 months.

Chudy’s DPW report included the tree removal and grass reseeding project on Monroe Street, blacktopping on Martha Street, working with the DPW on their purchase of a new road striping machine, several restriping projects on Village streets, and brush pickup. Board members discussed the need for one-way signs to be installed on the Hughey Alley end of the alley between the post office and the Ellicottville Hotel. Chudy will be attending the NYCOM Public Works Training School in October.

Due to the upcoming Columbus Day holiday, the next meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board will be Monday, Oct. 16, at 6 p.m.