By Caitlin Croft

The April 22 meeting of the Ellicottville Town Board, Supervisor Matthew McAndrew shared that he spoke with a company called 3+1 Financial. He said will discuss how to better handle municipal interest at the next board meeting in May. The company has worked with Batavia with much success, he added.

McAndrew recently attended the Local Leaders Conference where there were classes such as Rethinking Workforce, CFA Grants, State & Federal Funding, saying it was a very informative two days.

Niles Pierson, Village Engineer, spoke said the town has yet to receive reimbursement for the Engineering Grant they were awarded. He advised that he has received the reimbursement paperwork from New York state after some time of waiting to obtain them.

Pierson said he is working on them so as soon as the state says to send them in they are ready and prepared. This is marked progress in this ongoing project. Next, there was approval for a Bond Counsel Resolution. This BCR is a waiver contract with Hodgson Russ for the Joint Water District.

In his police report, Don Auge advised that things have quieted down since the end of the winter season. The new vehicle is currently being outfitted, he added.

IN OTHER BUSINESS, the project that two RIT student groups are working on is nearly complete, reported Pierson. They have been tasked at no cost to the Town/Village to develop a presentation and plans to build a new DPW building. The final presentation was April 25 in Rochester at the University Campus.

One piece of great news is at the last quarterly water readouts the system was metered at 83 percent, which means that only 17 percent of the water produced is being lost due to leaks in the system. This great improvement is due to the recent updates to the system and water pump stations and infrastructure.

Pierson said he attended a “Train the Trainer” seminar to be certified as a sexual harassment trainer. He will be organizing training that all Municipal officials, employees and volunteers. 

There was a presentation for work to be done at the Historical Society Building which would include an air conditioning temperature control system to better preserve the artifacts and seal up the floor for better energy efficiency. This project will cost $4,950.

Next was a discussion on the NYSERDA Grant for the Town Center to replace all of the windows. Pierson presented redoing the walls as well with hardy board siding. Seeing as they will be tearing it down to redo the windows, it makes fiscal sense to update the exterior as well, he said. This will lead to even better energy efficiency. The total project will run $118,977.73, with $50,000 to be reimbursed by the grant. 

In the Highway Department, the workers have been out trimming trees and have started to patch potholes. There was a culvert blocked on Springs Road cause a washout the issue was resolved.

Holiday Valley Road will be restriped by mid-May. The board approved a letter to be sent to Northwood Drive Residents regarding excessive runoff from driveways and property that is blocking town drainage. 

ALSO OF NOTE, the board:

• accepted the low bid of DJ’s Lawn Service to care for the Cemetery Maintenance Building for $2,999;

• approve the Chamber’s request to use the Gazebo; a second and ayes carried;

• noted the 28 Parkside Drive survey is complete and the search has been ordered; and

• discussed the EVGV Trail being close to resolving insurance hurdles and hoping to get cutting trail before the June 1.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be May 15 at 6 p.m. at the Town/Village Hall.