IMG_1070By Mary Fox

The spanking new Sunflower House Family Day Care Center has opened on Brewer Cross Road in Great Valley and its owner, Kris Germain, is ready to welcome up to eight children from six weeks to 12-years old.

Germain, who has a degree in Elementary Education, has worked for 22 years in day care and social work.  She owned her own day care center in St. Mary’s, PA, and more recently was a day care director in Buffalo.

Germain is enthusiastic about her new endeavor and has created a roomy and bright space with age appropriate toys and activities for the children. But, she is adamant that there will be no television or computers at this daycare. She plans to get right down there with the children and interact with them individually and as a group, encouraging development of socialization and getting them excited about learning.

“I offer an emergent, child-driven curriculum based on the children’s interests with the goal of getting them excited about learning. If they show an interest in zoo animals, I will construct a program based on this interest with stories and activities,” said Germain.

The spacious, converted garage includes a bathroom and kitchenette and is set up with different interest areas. There is a cozy dining table for meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) and activities, and a child-sized living room to provide a homey atmosphere. And, there’s a large window in front where children can wave goodbye to their parents and greet them when they come to pick them up.

Outdoor activities are held in a huge fenced-in backyard. The natural rural setting is surrounded by cows, horses, chickens, dogs and a creek. Germain plans to provide innovative activities outside as well as inside.

“There will be baskets hanging in a tree with books, stuffed animals and blankets to encourage children to read,” she said.

This children’s haven is a parent’s dream day care.

Germain is currently open seven days a week during the school year; Monday – Friday only in the summer. For more information, call 716-449-0871 or email